Why is Yoga so popular with western culture?/Why are some upset? By lowell finster

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Why is Yoga so popular with western culture?/Why are some upset?

While yoga has become very popular in the United States, Hindus are angry about misuse and commercialization of yoga, Christians are angry about religious connotations. This is a divisive issue and important when you realize the implications. Yoga is one of and possibly the largest legacy of Ancient India in the United States and the rest of the West, and for it not to be would be a large blow.

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The Physical Aspect Of Yoga

Higher cardiovascular fitness and flexibility, and reduced stress, anxiety and pain can all come from practicing physical yoga. However, that the sole purpose of yoga is for fitness draws criticism. From the Hindu point of view, yoga is not a workout, but a path towards enlightenment; “physical practice is no good, of no use - just a lot of sweating, pushing, and heavy breathing for nothing. The spiritual aspect, which is beyond the physical is the purpose of yoga.”(K. Pattabhi Jois)

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The Spiritual Aspect Of Yoga

If we take the idea of yoga as a spiritual regimen, we run into other problems. Some Christians, such as Laurette Willis, believe that only the physical part of yoga should be salvaged and the traces of Hinduism removed, to be changed to a way to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind through his [her God’s] Word.”

What did you find?

The Commercialization Of Yoga

Hindus hate their practice being twisted for a profit, but it is wildly popular due to the stress in our lives (and, more shallowly, its shareability on social media). Some, like Russell Simmons, have opened huge yoga centers, complete with expensive amenities. Costly classes and high priced apparel are the norm.

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Has legislation been passed relating to yoga?

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Who is pushing back against "Westernized" yoga?

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What other cultures’ practices have been altered for monetary gain?

How does my answer explain why it is important for Americans to know about the legacy of Hinduism and Buddhism?

History Repeats Itself

Being informed of the legacies of past societies propels us towards the future. We can not repeat the mistakes of past generations and can learn from their mistakes. We can improve our society. Bits of legacy like yoga can share with us forgotten or not widely known or appreciated knowledge. This results in a better society.


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