Roller Girl Book Review by karen mms

Why does Astrid desire to pursue her dreams to become a roller skater inspire of her friends ? Astrid, in the book Roller Girl by Victoria jamieson, wanted to be like her favorite roller skater , but her friend left her alone. Astrid had to follow her dreams alone. She had to follow them without her best friend. Then she had to meet new people, so she did. she made friends in skate camp, and then she followed her dreams.

My favorite part is when she told the truth to her mom. I was excited when she told her mom the truth, because I sometimes do not tell the truth to my mom or dad. so she is kind of like me.

Her mom was surprised. This book taught me to pursue my dreams and not give up. She also taught me that anyone can pursue their dreams without their best friend.

I think this book is special because Astrid has potential. Astrid has the capacity of being a Roller Girl. She also has the capacity to tell her mom all of the lies she didn’t tell her mom.

Astrid also dyed her hair and told her mom. Astrid taught me to pursue my dreams like she did with roller skating without her best friend.

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