Corey DeHart The Peculiar Story of Me

My adventure began in a little country town called Columbus, Mississippi, roughly twenty minutes away from Starkville and home of the Columbus Air Force Base . Although these photos are not for my specific hometown, they show Mississippi's unexpected beauty. Photos obtained from; Adobe Spark photo database and Columbus Air Force Bases' website, as well as my mother, Jodi DeHart.
My days in Mississippi as a dirt slinging hell raiser were short lived however. At the young age of five, my parents, as well as my only brother Chase (who was eleven at the time) packed up everything and headed down to New Port Richey, Florida, only minutes away from the beach. Photos above were personally taken.
Throughout my elementary and middle school years, I developed a sincere love for the game of Football, and everything I did showed this. Also, upon moving to Florida, we added a new member to the family, our King Charles Spaniel, Mustang who was named after my first little league football team. Photos taken by Jodi DeHart (my mom).
My middle school graduation was more than just a graduation, it was a goodbye to my childhood friends and home, and the warm weather. My dad had taken a job with HIEL company in Chattanooga, Tennessee and our family could not have been more excited to head back into the south. Photo taken by Dawn Dinan (best friends mom).
Chattanooga, Tennessee has been my favorite place to live throughout my life. I spent all four years of my high school days up on Signal Mountain, mere minutes from Downtown Chattanooga. My life, as well as myself were positively affected by our move to Chattanooga in a plethora of ways. Photo from: Adobe Spark database.
My first summer in Chattanooga my family bought another rescue dog, Maci, our German Shepard- Husky mix. She was the hyper puppy we needed to stay active as a family. Photos are personally taken.
I attended Signal Mountain High School, a public school literally up on a mountain just outside Chattanooga. I pursued my football career as a four year varsity captain and starter and was able to experience several good seasons that lead deep into the playoffs. Photos taken by a friend photographer, Shannon Teal.
While in Tennessee, my brother decided that college was not for him and joined the Army. He is now 24 years old, married and living a happy life in Frankfurt Germany and awaiting to come home Summer 2017.
We were able to visit my brother and meet his wife however, this previous Summer, and visited places in Europe such as Paris and old towns in Germany. Photos were taken personally, and by my father Robby DeHart.
After my brother left for the Army, I meet some of my best friends that I still hang out with till this day. In fact, my friends were part of the reason I pursued ETSU, the ones I liked were coming here, the ones that got on my nerves were going elsewhere to colleges such as Tennessee Tech and UTK. Photo taken by Shannon Teal.
I came to ETSU to learn more about what I already loved, cars. More specific, I came to learn more about business and how to start my own garage where I fix up, and modify vehicles. Pictures above were personally taken, and found on Ferrari's Website.
Five years from now I plan on making connections through my fraternity on campus, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, to make my dream job a reality. Also, I hope I am with someone that makes me happy as the girl I'm with now and my life makes me smile like I did when I was little. Photos were taken personally.
My friends from high school and college will always be a part of my life regardless of where I end up or what I end up doing, and that is something to be grateful for.
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