Yellow Jacket Bookmark The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

They were Yellow Jackets, which you know belong to the wasp family and carry very sharp little lances in their tails. The fact is, this old house of Johnny Chuck's had been deserted so long the Yellow Jackets had decided that as no one else was using it, they31 would, and they had begun to build their home just inside the hall.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

  1. First you will need to separate the DMC thread in half. Use only 3 strands for your stitching.
  2. Begin with white thread at the base of the yellow jacket. You’ll want to leave a 3-4 in. tail for sewing in at the end.
  3. We will NEVER use knots (unless it’s french) in this project.
  4. Using the running stitch embroider the flight of the bee! A zig zagging line all the way to the bottom.
  5. Instead of knots you will sew in one direction through the back half of the felt. Then, sew back in the opposite direction again, through the back half of the felt.
  6. This will lock the loose end and hide it in the middle of the felt. Snip the thread flush with the felt.
  1. Start by giving him a little stinger with three stitches forming a triangle.
  2. Now, using the satin stitch and yellow thread continue up from the stinger.
  3. You will make 4 sections up the body leaving 3 empty spots for black stripes.
  4. When the body is done use the running stitch to make the wings. Sew in and hide all your ends.

This video shows how to do the Satin Stitch with padding. You do not have to pad the bee.

  1. The border is made with the blanket stitch.
  2. Along the top half of the bookmark try to keep your stitches even in height and spacing. On the bottom half, go wild. Vary your height and spacing. This will give it a green meadow look.

This video shows two pieces of felt being sewn together. You won't be doing that so either leave a tail to sew in later or sew the end into the middle of the fabric before you start the blanket stitch. This will hide the end and you won't have to come back later.

  1. Once the border is done and ends are secured add some flowers. We used the lazy daisy stitch on the purple flower and the eyelet stitch and french knots on the red flowers.

YOU did IT!

What other types of bookmarks could you create now? Can you make any other pictures using embroidery?

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