Interview Final Madalyn Rodriguez

George Washington

1. What was the point of your life?

I served as the first president of the united states from 1789 to 1797. But before I became president I served as a general and commander in chief of the colonial army during the revolution. During my retirement I was a landholder like my teenage years. I was also a husband to Martha Dandridge Custis,and a father to two adopted children.

2.How do you want to be remembered in you life?

I would want to be remembered as a born leader,kind,honest,and fearless man. As long as I am thought to be that way i am satisfied. I want to be known as the man that served in an exceeding way.

3.What do you consider your greatest success.

I would think that becoming president is my greatest success.I came from the small distant part in Westmoreland County, Virginia. I spent much of my childhood at Ferry Farm horsing around and playing childish games. So,looking back on everything I came a long way.

4.Would you or could you have done things differently,if so how?

I wish I ran as president on my third term.But you can only run twice. Also, no one really opposed me during my presidency so I think I really could had another chance.

5.Do have any regrets?

I don't have any regrets.But if i had to rethink about something it would be about becoming president. I didn't want to become president, they said I was a "born leader" so i thought better of myself to become president.

6.If you had to tell your past self something, what would it be?

I would say to keep your head up high,a bright future awaits for you.

7.What was the biggest issue when you became president?

Quite frankly,it was debt from the revolutionary war. We would have to barrow money, but that was one of my polices to not do.But it is hard because going to war cost a lot of money.Its first starts with the weapons,medical supplies and etc.


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