Gold God By: Andrew Gold

My organism's Genus is Golden and species is goddess and its common name is Gold God. The name Golden origin is of the yellowish or brownish-yellow metallic colour of gold: golden hair made from or largely consisting of gold: a golden statue. In c.1300, "made of gold," from gold + -en; replacing Middle English gilden, from Old English gyldan. Gold is one of the few Modern English nouns that form adjectives meaning "made of ______" by adding -en (e.g. wooden, leaden, waxen, olden); Old English also had silfren "made of silver," stænen "made of stone." The name goddess is someone who is adored and respected.

The Gold God lives in the Nertic/epipelagic zone which is the shallow marine environment extending from mean low water down to 660-foot depths, generally corresponding to the continental shelf. Neritic waters are penetrated by varying amounts of sunlight, which permits photosynthesis by both planktonic and bottom-dwelling organisms.

The Gold God eats mainly seaweed and dead fish.

The Gold God ranges from four by two inches to and whopping one foot by six inches.

My organism protects itself by blending in with the sun and top of the water being gold in color which it gets from a rare fish sun tan and its skin is like a rock. Unless you get the drill out you cannot get through it.

This organism is a nekton. To move around, the Golden goddess uses its fins. It has three total. Two on the sides and one tail in the back.

To breathe my organism has an actual nose but the nose works like regular fish gills, which take oxygen out of the water and let water carry away carbon dioxide. Fish force water through their gills, where it flows past lots of tiny blood vessels. Oxygen seeps through the walls of those vessels into the blood, and carbon dioxide seeps out.

My organism reproduces by laying eggs mainly in mangroves so they're protected. It lays over 30 eggs but most of the time maybe 3 or 4 make it.

Created By
Andrew Gold


Created with images by Michio Morimoto - "new_0002" • Nadya Peek - "seaweed" • dimsis - "Underwater sun light on rock" • U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region - "Horseshoe crab eggs in hand"

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