Adventures on the "BIG" Playground

We have been cooped up inside a lot this month, so when I saw the weather forecast I knew that today would be our chance to get outside for a good chunk of time. On Wednesdays we have Art with Mrs. Loyd, so half of our friends went to Art while the other half played outside and then the two groups switched.

With the first group outside, I brought out a new building material. The kids were so engaged in using these PVC pipes to try to build and connect various shapes.

"I am trying to build a bridge!"
"Look at all of these connectors!"
"I made a beam bridge, but it doesn't have enough support yet."
"We are going to connect all of the pipes so no water can get out."
"I am building a windmill!" Brayden decided.
Brayden switched gears and decided to build letters!

When it was time for our two groups to switch, Mrs. Barber and I noticed that the "big" playground (where Kindergarten-4th grade usually plays) was empty. We have been eyeing the big playground and waiting for a chance to let our friends explore some different, more challenging equipment. Some of our friends didn't get a chance to build with the pipes today, because we decided to take advantage of this opportunity. We will get the pipes out for them tomorrow! They were SUPER excited to be the first group to get to play on the "other side of the fence."

"I cannot wait to tell my mom that I went over here today!" -David
"There's so much room to run here!!" -Aiden
We worked on how to pump your legs on the swing to keep yourself going or to swing higher.

At the end of our time outside, Kindergarten came out and joined us. Emilia and Clayton were excited to spend a few minutes playing with their siblings before our morning ended!

Today reminded me how much our class has grown since the beginning of the year. They looked right at home on the "big kid" equipment! We hope to have more opportunities to use this space as the weather continues to get warmer.

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