Laura Fletcher Artist, Writer, Educator

Inspired by a love of learning and compelled to serve others, I began teaching as a way to share my experiences with students of all ages and backgrounds. I embrace the opportunity to help students realize and reach their goals. My teaching is interdisciplinary and draws on the belief that integrating the outside world into one's work is a powerful tool for change.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy embraces the concept that environment and social interaction are integral to cognition and the learners' construction of knowledge for themselves. In order to facilitate an iterative learning process, I blend student-centered learning with a variety of instructional approaches that include both research and self-reflective practices. In the classroom, I make use of creative projects that offer students opportunities to combine schoolwork with the world outside. Believing that students are ultimately responsible for their own learning, I particularly encourage collaboration, personal reflection and life-long inquiry.
College sophomores and juniors were asked to create an advertisement inspired by Surrealism.
My objective as an Art and English educator is to introduce students to the idea of incorporating visual analysis with compelling narratives. Students are introduced to the critical analysis of their own and other’s work. They learn to think carefully about all decisions they make with regard to materials and technique and to relate these decisions to a historical and theoretical context. Most importantly, they learn to formulate conceptual objectives for their artwork and writing and to evaluate their work according to the goals they have set for themselves.
As an educator, my role in the classroom is to engage students in the learning process so they may look both within and beyond themselves in order to solve problems, ask questions, and find answers in terms of their own ideas and in how they relate those ideas to a larger context.
3rd-6th grade students created books of photography and original writing with InDesign based on science lessons in electricity, wildlife habitats, environmental topics.
In my courses, students are encouraged to mix media with writing, taking their cues from past experiments and current trends. Through readings, practice and critiques, students demonstrate conceptual sophistication with regard to the creation of original work that reflects the world around them. While the class assignments provide a general starting point, I emphasize that their work should above all else be personal, and that the process of creation can teach them something about themselves and the world that they did not know when they started.
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