Good Life Tour of the Hard Museum Larissa Shakour

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist: Oftentimes, the medium of the artwork or the technique of the artist can have an impacting effect on the viewer that leaves a lasting impression in one's mind. The art piece pictured above is called Semiotics of the Kitchen, made by Martha Rosler in 1975. This film is a feministic parody of Julia Child- style cooking programs, and it's intent is to express the frustration and rage of a woman being in a stereotypical role as a cook in the kitchen of the home. Discovering this film was a very important moment for me at the Harn Museum. This piece of art was particularly appealing to me because it portrayed art work through a different medium than most traditional art pieces. The use of film of art made the artwork more interesting to observe instead of staring at a typical drawing or mural that is still on the wall. This piece of art made me feel more involved with the issue it was portraying and with art in general. The fact that it was moving made it more captivating.
Design of the Museum: Oftentimes, architects of museums will design the building to enhance the experience of the observer as a whole. While at Harn Museum, I noticed three different designs that made an impact on my experience at the museum. The first was the fact that many of the wings of the museum were grouped in some sort of specific category. For example, many of the wings were grouped in areas of the world in which the art describes, like Latin America or Korea. This was beneficial because it allowed me to more easily group the artwork together mentally. It would have been harder to enjoy the art had all the art been mixed together randomly. Additionally, I noticed in some wings how many walls were designed in the middle of the room as shown in the image above. This allowed for much more artwork to be placed on the walls for me to enjoy. It also allowed me to be more focused as I walked around in what seemed like a maze. Finally, some of the wings of the museum were very open. I very much enjoyed the openness of these wings because they provided me with an airy feeling and a large room to hold a numerous amount of art.
Art and Core Values: Every observer at a museum experiences the artwork differently. This may be because every single person has different morals and values in his or her life. Many of the pieces of art that I observed evoked some sort of emotional response from me. One of the main pieces of art that stood out to me can be found in the feminist wing - and pictured above. One of my core values in life is equal treatment. This regards to equal opportunities between both genders. In the artwork above, the artist has decided to create this piece of art to expose the unequal treatment of women in the museum setting. Emotionally, this piece of art makes me frustrated and disappointed in our society. I do not consider myself a feminist, but I do know that women do deserves the same rights as men and the same opportunities as men. The statistic documented in this artwork is unacceptable, which is what the artist wants someone like me to feel when viewing it.
Art and the Good Life: As we have discussed multiple times in class, art portrays different themes of the good life and, oftentimes, depicts the good life in general. The piece above is a work of art by the famous artist Diego Rivera. Rivera in many of his painting relate to the good life by celebrating the good life and fighting for the good life. Sometimes Rivera uses his art to celebrate different cultures and traditions. He oftentimes depicts certain injustices within his art, and how these injustices cause the desire to fight for the good life.. In the case of this piece of art, Rivera is depicting the daily work of a Mexican worker from the lower class. By depicting this injustice, Rivera is fighting for the human rights of the lower classes. He is fighting for these injustices to be exposed so that these people may live a better good life.

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