Some thoughts on TRUMP by a returning american ex-pat

Many people are surprised to hear that I'm returning to the U.S. just as TRUMP has been elected President of the United States. "How can you do it? Is now really the time to return?" I'm asked over and over.

The answer is yes.

First of all, to the plethora of Americans who threaten to go running North or relocate to Europe every time they're unhappy with the election results, I'd point out two things: One, you rarely do, or at least haven't since the Draft ceased to be an issue. Second: The purpose of the Division of Powers is, in part, to deal with the mess we're in today; however, if every dissident goes running for the border with their tail in between their legs, there will be no domestic opposition; hence, the failsafe mechanisms of American Democracy will be rendered meaningless. So to all Americans who think now is the time to leave for America, I'd say, good people may not pick fights, but they sure as hell shouldn't run away from them either (at least not the ideological, non-immediate life threatening varieties.)

This leads to another issue. The question of TRUMP and his likening to Adolph Hitler. A brief comment on this: Please. Stop it. In general comparing anyone or anything to Hitler usually backfires, unless the person is literally committing mass genocide. Use of the word "facist" also is dangerous, as it is a cliche that is sometimes applied to the point of banality. (School teachers, after all, get called racists by bratty teenagers for daring to assign homework.)

So what exactly is Trump? An ignoramus, a demagogue, a sociopath, and a bigot for sure. A dictator? Well, we are are now seeing the role of the courts in curbing his executive orders, and hopefully by the mid-terms IF EVERYONE GETS OUT AND VOTES, he'll be goose for the gander (*whatever the hell that expression means.) Meanwhile, there are two ways this can play out:


Trump Jumps The Shark: In this scenario, people begin to burn out and overload on TRUMP and his antics, and the Republican Party begins to distance itself, first in preparation for the midterms, then for 4 years from now. As his behavior gets goofier and goofier, his administration becomes weakened and isolated and who knows: the hearings may even begin.

Scenario 2: DUBYA Pt. 2

In this scenario, a national disaster leads people to unite behind The Donald, just as they did for DUBYA on 9/11 when he was incredibly unpopular. At that point, anyone who criticized Bush was viewed as being unpatriotic in the time of a national crisis, and no one could question the Iraq Invasion or Patriot Act. Bush, himself, never became a dictator. His power came through legislative kowtowing by freaked out DEMOCRATS who simply gave him carte blanche. This, I worry is a more likely scenario. That, or Trump's big mouth will get us all blown up. God help us all...

But to reiterate, the American People own this country, not whoever is temporarily in office for the next four years. Do not run away. Do not give up ground. And do not lose hope. At the same time, stop whining and bitch how scary and powerful TRUMP is. The emperor hath no clothes...

Eddie Landsberg is a Jazz musician from Philadelphia who spent 16 years of his life in Tokyo Japan.

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