Artificial Intelligence Lauren chin

How do we make sure the robots would be more helpful than harmful? We could try to program them to just do the bare minimum and not enable us from doing normal tasks.

If I had a robot helper to help me throughout the day with daily tasks, I would have it do the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. It would give me more time in the day as an adult to accomplish more.

The robot would also help me out with tasks that I am unable to do by myself if I am lacking the time to do them, such as, cooking, etc.

After it completes the task, I would turn it off and put it away.

At first all I knew about artificial intelligence was that it was about "robots" I didn't know much about it. As I continued to learn about AI, I learned how it will eventually affect my, and future generations.
If I made a Bill of Rights governing my robot, it would include the following: 1. Robot would not have more control than a human. 2. Robot would not be able to program itself to do tasks, only the owner. 3. Robot cannot be overly used limiting daily activity because of laziness.
1. I am against AI because I feel like it will enable our generation. 2. I feel like we will loose interest in hobbies and inspiration to help change the world ourselves. 3. We will lose our creativity 4. We will lose our communication skills & daily interaction. 5. We would all over use AI's help and put ourselves at a disadvantage in the long run. 6. Our minds would become still and not active. He 7. They could end up controlling most of our world. 8. Their thinking skills are different. 9. Too life like. 10. We would in a way set more limits for ourselves than the robots.


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