Missions Update January, 2020

Praise God for Matt & Noelle Harris, along with their children, Emma, Madeline, and Noah! The Harris family serves in Gulu, Uganda.

Matt & Noelle Harris - Gulu, Uganda

Praise God:

  • Local pastors are continuing in the 2-year pastoral training school. They stay at the mission for 1 week out of every month, where they study verse-by-verse through a book or books of the Bible. They are required to pass a test at the end of each book to show they understand what they have studied. Then they return home and are able to teach their own congregations through the Bible.
  • A recent Biblical counseling seminar trained and encouraged almost 50 local leaders, teaching them how to combat depression and suicide in their churches.
  • The Business as Mission portion of the ministry, which Matt has overseen for the past 2 years, has grown and developed to the point where local Christians are taking leadership.
  • For a recent visit by Matt's mom, Tammy. Thank God for the encouragement and joy she brought them! Please remember to pray for our missionaries and missionary kids, who miss their parents and grandparents. Pray for God to use those family relationships to bless and encourage each one, even from the other side of the world.

Please pray for:

  • The local pastors as they implement Biblical counseling in their churches. Pray they will find the Bible is "useful for instruction, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, fully equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16 & 17
  • Matt's new role as business administrator of the mission clinic. The clinic is key in providing healthcare for local people. Pray for Matt as he encourages the workers and helps the clinic become more effective.
U-Turn for Christ

Praise God for:

  • U-Turn for Christ, a ministry to men struggling with drugs or alcohol. They recently moved to a ranch in Canyon City where they are finding better options for local work and ministry, as well as more men completing the program, possibly because of the location. Praise God for the men who are seeking to have their lives transformed through obedience to the Word of God!

Prayer Requests:

  • Miraculous breakthroughs and growth for the men as they seek God
  • For relationships with friends and family to be miraculously healed as the men repent and seek forgiveness
  • Finances to repair a water truck and trailer to provide for the ministry
  • Wisdom and strength for the staff and leadership
Eddie Broussard - Eurasia & Latin America

Praise God:

  • A recent conference with Navigator leaders from Eurasia. The group sought the Lord in planning out next steps for growth of missions in Eurasia.

Prayer requests:

  • Much of Eurasia is secular or Muslim and closed to the Gospel. Please pray for open doors and abundant growth in this area of the world!
  • Pray for the group as they bring Christian perspectives and answers for the poverty, corruption, and injustice that affects they daily lives of those living in Eurasia.
  • The International Executive Team meeting schedule for 1/8-16 in Colorado Springs. Pray that Eddie will have wisdom in leadership, and that the team will see the Spirit of God use them to encourage and strengthen and direct the worldwide work of the Navigators.
  • Eddie's trip to Colombia & Mexico January 22 - February 5. Pray for unity with the leaders he meets with.
Refugee Camp - Northern Iraq

An Update from Bardarash refugee camp in Northern Iraq:

Dareen had her own home, a reliable income, and children in school. Now she lives in a leaking tent in Bardarash camp, which recently re-opened to shelter refugees fleeing the latest wave of violence in north-eastern Syria.

“We were a happy family with a steady job and our own house,” says the mother-of-eight, explaining that her husband earned a decent living from the shop he owned.

“Overnight, everything changed. We left all our memories with our house, our possessions and clothes. My children dropped out of their schools. We went out into an unknown future.”

“We dealt with [people] smugglers to move us to the Kurdistan region [of Iraq]. We paid $200 for each family member – $1,400 in total.”

Dareen, 40, and her family traveled for three days. They walked long distances with only biscuits and water to sustain them before finally crossing the border into the autonomous region.

They were then moved to Bardarash refugee camp, near Dohuk city. Newly re-opened, the camp shelters over 11,000 people that have fled a recent escalation of violence in north-eastern Syria.

“When we reached the camp, we received rice and sugar. We still desperately need other food like cooking oil and flour, as well as medicines, hygiene items, and [things] like heaters,” says Dareen, who now faces a grim winter in a leaking nylon tent.

Mosa, 61, also lives in the camp. He and his family first fled the violence in Syria in 2014, after an intense bombardment that cost his wife her hearing...When the security situation deteriorated...they were once more forced to leave everything behind – including his wife’s hearing aids – to seek safety in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

“We need more support especially food, water, medicine. Our situation is miserable, I don’t have money to purchase medical spray for [my inhaler],” says Mosa, who needs the medicine to treat his asthma.

Praise God:

  • Mike, our missionary who travels to Northern Iraq, is finding open doors for ministry to Syrian refugees fleeing attacks from Turkey.

Please pray for:

  • For God to draw the refugees to salvation in Him - "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day." John 6:44
  • Provision for Mike and his local church partners to be able to minister to the refugees effectively. When finances permit, they go into the camps with blankets, food, heating oil, and other provisions.
Mathare Valley - Nairobi, Kenya

Praise God for Mathare Worship Centre in Nairobi, Kenya! Thank God for the gifts sent from Calvary Worship Center and our Women's Ministry to help disciple and strengthen the single moms in Mathare Valley! Most households in the slum are headed by single moms, who mostly provide for their children with day labor earning less than $80/month. Renting a shanty costs about $50 a month, which leaves very little income to cover food, school fees, and other expenses. In spite of this, the believers of Mathare Worship Centre are some of the most joyful people you will ever meet!

Please pray for:

  • Safety and wisdom for the daycare, which provides a safe place for around 40 children a day. Their mothers leave Mathare Valley every day to look for day jobs. Before Mathare Worship Centre started a daycare, the children were often left unattended or locked in their shanties while the mothers were gone. Several died in the community's frequent house fires. Now they have a safe and loving environment where they are taught the Word and love of God!
  • Pray for good long-term work for the women and men of Mathare Worship Centre! Pray for protection against oppressive bosses and landlords.
  • Pray for Danson, a young man from Mathare Worship Centre. He was excited to work for a financial company while waiting to start university on scholarship. He was recently arrested and learned the company was part of a check forging scheme. Please pray that he will be vindicated as an innocent party, and for wisdom for the lawyer who agreed to represent him. Also please pray for him to receive his scholarship. Pray for Godly men and women to begin to change the deep waters of corruption in Kenya.
Thelma & Esther - Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope, Kenya

Praise God for Esther, one of the children living at Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope home in Nairobi, Kenya. Pray for:

  • Esther and the other orphans, especially those with special needs. Pray that God will continue to bless them and teach them their identity in Christ in spite of past traumas and rejections and struggles.
  • Pray for great teachers and schools for each child, especially those with special needs.
  • Pray for God's direction and provision for the future needs of the teens with special needs. Some will always need a home or support, while others may be able to work and provide for themselves.
His Safe Haven - Gbarnga, Liberia

Praise God for the progress made in building His Safe Haven Village, which provides a home for 27 children with special needs in Liberia. Because Liberian culture considers these children cursed, our partnership with His Safe Haven is used by God to actually save the lives of these children. The Therapy Room pictured above was recently painted by CWC members Jim & Cyndi Curran and is already being used for physical therapy and life skills training!

Please contact us (kellyb@cwccs.org) if you are a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, medical or special needs educator and are interested in a life-changing trip to Liberia!

  • Praise God for a recent gift that provided funds for security fencing for the village! This will prevent a lot of trespassing and theft, and will also keep the women and children safe from the violent robbers who are active in the area.
  • Please pray Psalm 5:12 over His Safe Haven. "Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with Your favor as with a shield."
  • Pray for the workers at His Safe Haven - for God to give them strength and perseverance as they love the dear children.

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