All About Me Brianna carter


I have 3 siblings, but two of them are my step brothers. In all I have three siblings, and a dad and step mom. Baylee he is 5, Brice he is 9, and Cody is 13.


All these girls are really close to me. I have known them since the 6th grade. I have no idea what I would do without them. They are Katlynn Goble, Taylor Gay, Madison Castor, Jasmine Vires, and Mikaela Glass.

One hobby that i like to do is on my free time I play volley ball sometimes to get a lot of stuff off my mind. It works most of the time.

Another hobby I enjoy doing is sleeping. Sometimes sleep is the answer for my problems. Most of the time all I ever do is sleep.

For an extracurricular activity is that I go to Lexington Christian Church in Lexington IN. Yes, I am a christian and I do believe in God.

My last extracurricular activity is playing around with my two dogs Cooper, and Kami. They mean the absolute world to me. I love my dogs so much.

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