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From The Executive Director's Desk, Gary Knight



San Diego Futures Foundation needs help! As a technology nonprofit, we have been overwhelmed with requests for computers from nonprofits and underserved communities. The demand far exceeds our supply. Therefore, we're asking for any computer equipment that you might have available, specifically laptop and desktop computers so that we can refurbish them for reuse. Most of our reliable pipelines for computers are on hold. We have distributed nearly 50% of our annual allocated computer distributions; thus, depleting our on-hand inventory. The need for computer access is especially serious for seniors, persons with disabilities, veterans, and at-risk youth.

There are seniors isolated at home and are unable to connect with their health care provider, family, and friends because they lack access to a computer.

Persons with disabilities who depend on their technology to order essential supplies, like groceries, are especially vulnerable without a computer.

Veterans need a laptop or desktop to connect to critical resources.

Many students don't have access to a computer and must complete their homework on a cell phone.

To contribute please contact our Hardware Department at (619) 269-1684 or recycling@sdfutures.org. Tax deductible! We are ready and available to pick up donations countywide. We would appreciate it if you shared this with your entire network. Again, the need is pressing. All donations will go to our Computer Drive Fundraiser. We appreciate your entire organization’s support and are grateful for your donation.
We are also accepting financial contributions. Simply, follow the link to support our mission to improve lives through technology.

Thank you,

SDFF Executive Director, Gary Knight

Created to improve lives through technology
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