My Life Goals By: Mariah R. Avery

MY ONE YEAR GOALS: Get straight A's this semester and for the rest of high school
Go on vacation with my best friend Andrea in Santa Monica this summer!
Help the environment! I will try and save water, use less electricity and try to plant 10 trees this year.
Save money ! I will save money by not buying unecisary items this year
THREE YEAR GOALS; Graduate High School with an honors diploma.
ATTEND A UNIVERSITY: I would love to go to The University Of Alabama
OR..... Hawaii University for Cheer
Move into my own dorm or apt. in college
MY FIVE YEAR GOALS: In 5 OR years I would love to graduate college with a bachelor's degree
MY TEN YEAR GOALS: In ten or less years I would like to attend medical school to be come a doctor
In ten years or less I will attend medical school to become a neonatologist (A doctor for sick or premature babies)
What it takes- 4 years college, 4 years medical school 3 years pediatric internship and residency and 3 years fellowship.
I would love to travel all around the world to places such as Fiji and Australia
I would also love to travel all around Rome
FAMILY: Family is most important to me and one day in the far future I hope to have a family


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