Genius Hour:Landrie Waid How to make your own Band merch?

I have decided to focus on how to make your own band merch, because I think it'll be something fun to do. I'm focusing on this because I understand on how expensive band merch can be for everyone, because usually a shirt can cost as much as $50 and the lowest can be $20 and that's if it's on sale. This is important to me because I know that most of the time there's no new merch out and you're just seeing the same shirts that probably was there a year or month ago and that's why you can make your own using your own creativity and your own idea. My goals is to see on how many different designs I can make in six weeks just to see on how many I can come up with. Also, I want to see on how many designs I could make using different fabric and material like on having 50% polyester and 50% cotton and make a design out of it. I would measure my goals is by looking at different photos and videos and seeing their different designs and ideas just to brainstorm on how I want mine to look like.

I haven't really learned anything yet, because I haven't had the chance to break down and look at designs, materials, dyes, and fabric paint. I haven't had the time to go to places to buy materials. I don't think that I learned anything about myself. Although I can say that I do have a creative mind and ideas, so all I need to do is to get my materials and see how it works out in the future. I haven't done any research yet, but I have found that most people uses cotton t-shirts to design, because the shirt adsorbs the paint better than other materials. I want to get all of my materials and begin on my design that I have in mind already.

I have learned a lot actually. I learned on how much thought and patience that this takes and the journey it goes. I also learned that I don't really need all the fancy equipment and materials to make something so simple and easy. What I learned about myself is that I can have a lot of fun on creating and if I wanted to I can make more in the future if I decided to go down that path. I learned that when someone else is helping it makes it easier to think and brainstorm when I talk about it. I haven't really did anymore research, but most of the sources that I looked are using a design press which I don't have the money and experience to use. I'll go on and design my first one and see how it goes and to see what to improve or if I'll be satisfied with finish. As of right now I'm gonna try different techniques like doing a bleach tie-dye on a black t-shirt.

What I've learned about my project that it's very time consuming, because dying the shirts takes 24 hours for the dye to sink into the shirt so it won't wash away when you rinse it or wash in the washer. What I've learned about myself is that I'm not that patient as I thought I was, because again it's time consuming and you need a lot of patience which I have but not that much, so mostly I need to learn to gain more patience for this process. I didn't use any sources really, because it mostly leads me to YouTube on how to make your own band merch. Where I'll go from here is making more shirts and see if I improve on my patience or I need to still improve on something else. Maybe see what else could I use to dye shirts if I want to or if I get that far on thinking about it.

I haven't learned anything new about my topic, basically all my questions been answered about what I need or what to do. I know that I need to speed my process up, since it's so time consuming and I'm getting down to the time to be complete. I didn't do any recently new research on my topic, because I basically have everything that I need to know about my topic. I just need to keep going on making and creating my very own band shirts.

1. I took a normal 100% cotton T- shirt and laid it flat on the table.

2. I began tying the parts of the shirt I want to dye like I did with sleeves and the bottom of the shirt.

3. By taking the black dye, I dyed the bottom of the shirt first since it'll take most of the dye, then went on to the sleeves and with the leftover of the dye I splattered and put the dye on my hands and patted the shirt.

4. I wrapped the shirt in plastic wrap to keep the color to keep the color intense and let it sit over night.

5. The next morning I rinsed the shirt in the sink to get access dye of the shirt and kept rinsing it until the water was clear.

6. Went on Google and found the logos I want on the shirt and ironed them on to the shirt.




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