Reddin - wreddin20 - Builder - Journey Log 7 Metacognition

I chose the habit of mind of metacognition as it is the ability to reflect. This was very important in the past week of class as we turned in our rough drafts and did peer editing. Metacognition is the most necessary habit of mind in peer editing which is why I chose this. Since peer editing is kind of difficult to represent, I did my best, but in addition I build what my idea of Darth Maul's house would look like (my villain). In order to do this I went to the nether as it is the area most like Maul's home planet of Dathomir.

Us in class doing peer reviews
Dathomir - Maul's home planet
put it next to lava as it shows how evil he is (in nether house by lava)

I represented his house this way as it is the closest to how his home planet is. I tried to use a glow stone chandelier as well as evil looking paintings to really drive the point home.


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