Florida Museum of Natural History Carly Snytte

Nature on Display

This exhibit taught me about the dress code of women in Vicos, Peru for special festivals. It was very interesting for me to see this because it is so different than anything that people wear in the United States. Once I walked by this exhibit, it instantly caught my eye and i had to read more about it. It is so intriguing to me that cultures can be so different since we all live in the same world and an outfit like this is so natural to people in places like Peru. The dress is so intricately designed and by looking at it so close up, you can easily see how much effort the maker put into it, which is why it is worn with such pride. Living in a culture that this would not occur is prevents me from experiencing things like this, so thats why I was so interested in learning about it at the museum. From this exhibit, I learned that our world is so unique and different.

Nature and Ethics

This mural depicts Leopold's mindset perfectly. It illustrates a group of diverse people coming together in realization that the preservation of nature is up to us, as a united community. I think that this was a perfect photo for this topic, because it manifests the importance of our ethical responsibility to respect and preserve our natural world. I liked that I was able to experience all different aspects of the natural world that I would have otherwise not seen. Other people seemed to feel the same way as me as we walked through the museum. When I went, there were a lot of little children, specifically in the butterfly garden. It was so nice being able to see the smiles on their faces as they tried to chase the butterflies and were taken aback because of the nature that surrounded them. It was nice to realize that this museum is a place for the citizens of Gainesville to come together as a community to appreciate the nature that is on display. My contact with all of the nature really made me think about how important it is to "love, respect and admire" the land.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives because although we encounter nature in our everyday life, the nature we get to see here is something different. It is displayed in a manner for everyone to come together to experience it, which makes it all the more beautiful in itself. It helps us to appreciate the nature more, because we realize how amazing it is when it is there displayed right in front of us. For me personally, the butterfly garden was the spot that really made me appreciate this museum and nature itself. Standing in this area filled with plants, butterflies, people around me, etc. made me feel so at peace, and also made me realize that there is so much to nature that we don't even know about because its so huge and intricate. The museum really opened up my mind about the importance of appreciating nature and exploring it since we have the chance.

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