Every day someone like Georgina walks through our doors.

Abused, more often than not, by someone they know and trusted. Traumatised. confused. And when they take the brave decision to reach out, they need someone there for them.

But right now, there are still dozens of men and women like Georgina on our waiting list. You can be there for them. With a generous gift of €50 you can give the help and support they need.

As Georgina explains:

" I was terrorised and entrapped as a child against my will. Much of my adult experience in life had at its core terror and anxiety."

"In my darkest hours I thought there was absolutely no way through. I believed that happy endings were for others and that the pain, terror and, anxiety I felt were just too difficult to work through."

"However there is a way through and I am living proof of that."

"I availed of One in Four's group therapy. I met some very courageous people in the group. I took heart from hearing that others peoples experiences were similar to my own. With the help of professional psychotherapists, I was able to express my feelings and memories associated with abuse."

Asking for help can be the hardest thing in the world.

You probably experienced that in your own life. sometimes we all need help, but it can be difficult to ask. Do you remember ever feeling too scared to ask? Do you remember feeling embarrassed? Do you remember the fear that you would be ignored?

Every day survivors of sexual abuse visit or phone us here at One in Four and ask for help. And thanks to support from people like you, they will get help.

We are asking you for help.

You can help someone get the help they need. Will you reach out to help one more person? Right now there are so many people on our waiting list: men and women who are suffering every single day because of the sexual abuse and violence they experienced as a child.

Will you give them that help this Christmas?

These are someone's sister or brother. Someone's son or daughter. They have taken the brave step of asking for help. But too many of them will sit on our waiting list for too long, because we cannot affordto see them all right now.

A donation of €50 or whatever you can afford, will go towards making sure each man and woman that reaches out will get the help that they deserve.

"The bad things that have happened to me aren't gone and can't be forgotten. But they can be understood and accepted."

Your Christmas gift will give survivors of sexual abuse like Georgina the help and support they need to function, live, and hope again.

"I am now living my life rather than suffering it. The memories are becoming just that...memories."

You will change someones life. You can help someone live again.

Thank you so much for reading Georgina's story. We hope that you and your loved ones have a very healthy and happy Christmas.

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