Conveniently located near campus, Lake Alice serves as one of Gainesville's most beautiful and scenic destinations. Students can put up their hammock in various locations surrounding the lake. They can place their hammock near the water, while enjoying the view, the breeze, and potentially a few alligators. Students can also travel through trails that surround the lake and place their hammocks deeper in the woods. This is a great idea for students that want an escape, a calming place to nap, or a quiet spot to study!

This spot is located on the right-hand-side of the lake! There aren't too many spots here, so a certain degree of luck comes into getting this spot. But, if you do manage to get this spot, you're in for a real treat because the lack of people makes for a very quiet and calming environment! If you don't get it, embark on an adventure and look for other spots in the area!

Whether you are a freshman on campus for the first time or a graduating senior on your way into the real world, The Ben Hill Griffin Stadium will provide you with an almost indescribable feeling. Unfortunately, though, when football season ends and spring semester comes along, it's difficult to find an excuse to visit the stadium. Putting up a hammock there is a great way to reunite with the spot that all gators can call home in the fall! Without the screaming fans and overwhelming crowds, this spot makes for a relaxing location to remember the good old fall semester, people watch, or even study!

This is located right in front of the stadium! It's easy to walk here from nearly any part of campus so the convenient location makes for a perfect spot! It doesn't have a lot of nature like Lake Alice, but it does bring back great memories from fall!

Most people know Flavet Field as the location of Gator Growl. But, when there is not an important event or concert on campus, Flavet Field actually serves a great place for people to play sports, have a picnic, and of course, go hammocking! If you want to meet up with friends for a game of soccer or just to toss a frisbee, this is a perfect spot! After you work up a sweat, you can just put up your hammock and take a nice break! This is also a great place to take a date, people watch, or read a book.

If it gets too windy outside, you can close up your hammock! If you're on a date, you can bring somewhere here and cuddle up next to them! This spot is extremely versatile. No matter who you are or what you're into, you can find something great to do at Flavet Field!

The last spot on the list is the Reitz Lawn! Located right on campus, this spot is a great place to truly soak in all the University of Florida has to offer! This area of Reitz was just recently constructed and therefore, it perfectly demonstrates how much The University of Florida is truly always improving and progressing! The Reitz Lawn definitely is not the most quiet spot on campus if you go on a week day because of the hustle and bustle of students switching classes, playing frisbee, or just tabling for their organization in front of The Reitz. But, on the weekends, it serves as a generally quiet spot!

As you can see, there's no one around on the weekends! This place for a great place to relax!

Thank you for joining us on our Gator Walk! I hope that you enjoyed these spots and find your own. The University of Florida is an amazing place academically, but can offer so much more if you just look in all the right places!

Special shout out to Trent Herzog for being my model in all photographs!

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