Iroquois Theatre Fire How did safety laws change after the fire? By: Jaeli Horner


Death, Unsafe, Tragic. These three words describe the Iroquois Theatre Fire. On December 30, 1903 a devastating fire had killed over 600 people. This tragedy could have been prevented. Many safety laws changed after this event.

At first, the flame wasn't noticable to the audience. Until, it was already headed towards the scenery on stage. Then, the audience rushed towards the exits. But, out of 30 exits only 3 were open. After, more than 1000 people had gotten out alive or injured somehow and more than 600 people died because of that.


  • A stage light sputtered and ignited a strip of paint on a muslin drape
  • Blazing fabric fell on to the stage
  • A big fireball flew across the room and landed on a velvet curtains


  • 600 people died
  • Bodies were covering exits
  • Made safety standards for buisnesses


  • In conclusion, the Iroquois Theatre Fire was a devastating fire that helped create multiple safety laws for most work places. This helped keep us safe from more tragedies.


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