Leadership: the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

If leadership is so easy to define in words why is it so hard to put into action?

When we look abroad, we fasten the term to people like Gorbachev, Walesa, De Klerk, or Mandela,for their values, courage, commitment, and skill. On the other hand, we insist that the word leadership is value-free.
  1. Most believe that leadership is easy and that all you need is followers to be a leader. In actuality leadership doesn't have a step by step guide of how to be an effective leader.
Our media routinely use the term leader to denote people in authority or people who have a following. The contradiction in our common understanding clouds not only the clarity of our thinking and scholarship; it shapes the quality of leadership we praise, teach, and get.
What's leadership to you?

If were unable to identify what leadership is how can we find a leader to lead us when we uncertain of the meaning ourselves.

Effectiveness means reaching viable decisions that implement the goals of the organization.

Leaders are those that take action and want to help improve situations for the better of the people. People can talk all day long about what they think should happen but won't do the work to fix these issues.


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