Teachers are Teachers By Sharon samuel

“Teachers are always teachers, whether they are on their own time or whether they are in the classroom,” was a quote from the guidelines that was given in an article written in National Post two days ago.

This was on a teacher, from Ottawa, who posted a picture of her in a bikini in a beach during her vacation. The words “scantily clad”, meaning “insufficient clothing” were used to describe the picture.

I do not understand what else should a person wear in a beach during a vacation, a professional suit and a pencil skirt? This should not have become an issue that deserves a discussion, because a person has all the rights to go on a vacation and post a picture of them depicting their happy memories.

Social media is a platform where one can share photos and videos of something they like and want to on their respective private pages for their friends and family to see. In the old times, letters were sent all around the world and photos were sent with them for the family members to see, but thanks to the technology which put an end to it by creating these social media sites to help communicate faster.

If a person is judged by what they post on social media sites, then it proves that the person who judge is not someone who has a profession in his or her hands. Invading privacy is another thing. I still have no idea who stole that picture from her Facebook wall and reviewed it for disciplinary actions.

Teachers are teachers, at home, at work, at bed, at vacation, at games and at anything. Nothing is going to change their profession. Likewise, that picture is not going to change what she teaches in her science class or maths class as the formulas and laboratory experiments are not explained based on a teachers bikini picture. As a teacher she teaches students what she has learnt and what the book written by scholars has said. A bikini picture is not going to change that.

I have no idea why parents and students invade teachers’ private life and jeopardise their career. I mean, you take your child to a beach, what dress would he/she wear? A girl would wear a bikini/swimsuit and a guy will wear a speedo. When they spot a teacher in the beach, are they told to go and change their swimsuits to something nice and good to give respect to their teacher? NO. Then why is that a teacher should not have fun when he/she wants to during their vacation, that is so private.

The words “scantily clad” were indicating only towards women and towards men. Gender plays it role everywhere. A woman is always questioned while a man gets to walk away. There are no cases registered where a male teacher was spotted at a beach wearing a speedo, or took a picture with his girlfriend in a beach and post on social media. As it was a woman, it became a bigger issue.

In what way does it change the view of a vacation at a beach? Why the cameras and binoculars are focused on women? What justification can be given for this?

She is she and if it’s a she then she cannot have a life. Compromises are always made by women. Why not society makes a compromise on this? Our world has progressed and come so far and we are still facing gender problems. Women have fought for their freedom so hard for all these years and they are still fighting.

If posting a picture on Facebook while on vacation is what going to identify a person’s profession, then everybody’s profession is at stake. A private social media page is meant to be for private use and a public social media page is for public use. If she would post this picture on a school page, then disciplinary actions must be taken. When she has posted it on her own private page then there is no need for a discussion as everybody has a life and everybody has a right to live it to the fullest.

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