Exploring Labels Doreen kang

"Popular Kids"

Almost every kids in school know them and they are good at social. They always have good outlooking and wear fancy clothes, some of them might have a really special thing, like good at sports, good at instruments, the top student of the class... There are many people be known because they get many prize or they are like the leader in the school, they always showing up in the school meeting. They are outgoing and very nice to people, they use social apps a lot and can not leave their phone, and they have lots of friends.

Here is what people said

"They have a lot of friends and they are very pretty."
"They are funny and have good grades, most of them are nice kids."
"Everyone likes them, people think they are good and nice."
"Clannish, they are careful about who they associate with."
"They are very self and confident."

Positive / Negative?

  • social net is very strong/But make you more trouble
  • spend too much time with their social/Hey, you are a student
  • not all the people want to become friend with them and not have really really close friend/Well, who knows
Some people desirable and undesirable, for me I am not desire about that, I only want to have few friend, they are like the same kind people as me, and they like the same kind things as me, and we are real friends.

I feel like many people are disere about that, because they have so many friends around them, and many people like them. The group for me is lower social ladder, because I will label them and I do not feel that is the kind of person which I want to become friend with, but maybe for many people they are higher social ladder, because everyone wants to become friend with them.

How people label me?

The category people will put me in is international student(Chinese student). I have American friends before and what they told me after we become friend, is Chinese students always like to being a group, and sometimes they want to talk with us and know about us, but they never find a chance. Some of people do not like Chinese, like what I heard from my roommate is Chinese student always make really loud voice and always did not care about the people around them. Like in the dorm, Chinese students like to eat really smell things in the public area and never clean the table. I will feel restricted when them label that, and because of the language and culture are more different between mainland China and United States, so I feel it really hard to get American friends, so when I am a new student come to the school, I feel it is hard to make friends and I do not know how to make friend with Chinese student. There is also people label me as art student in the past, the above is one of the picture I draw. I love to doing art, I love to share my art with my friends, when I see my art is on their screen , I am proud of myself.
People always get label by others, we can not control how others think of us. When they give us positive label, we can continue to do the things which they think it is good, but if they give us negative labels, we can just ignore that, and being best of ourself. Just be nice and try hard in all the things you can do better.

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