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Other people's skills better than mine, sed :(
Hi, I'm Hans! :D What's up?

My full name's Hans Leong Zhan Lun. On a rainy Wednesday night, on the 9th of October, I was born into this world. I grew up in Malacca for a couple of years, then moved to Batu Pahat and now am currently residing in Shah Alam.

My hobbies and interests include watching, filming and editing videos. Besides that, I like music and my taste in it is quite eclectic.

I also like fun facts and trivia. After watching a movie, I'll read up it's IMDb page to gather some behind the scenes information on the movie.

Weekly Assignment 1

Rediscovering The Ingenuity In Youth

The original flip challenge

As I was thinking of what kind of picture I could capture that portrays the ingenuity of youth, I was reminded of my childhood days where we children would use anything as toys for fun. I recalled how we used these cheap erasers (like the ones in the picture) to play games like flipping the eraser on top of another eraser, or turning them into spinning tops by sticking pencil lead into the underside so it can spin.

When we were young, we never really give much though on the things that we do. While I was hunting down these erasers and while I was playing the eraser games with my friend who was assisting me with getting my shot for the exercise, I realized that we children are actually quite smart and inventive. You could say that I rediscovered our ingenious methods of spending time in school.

To get this shot, my friend and I had to work together to time the moment the eraser flies into the air as I wanted to capture it's trajectory in mid air. I used a high speed continuous drive mode to capture as many pictures as I can at one go to increase my chances of getting the shot I wanted.

Photo details:

F5.6, 1/1000 shutter speed, ISO5000

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Hans Leong


Photos by Hans L.

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