The Greatest Roman Enperors of All Time By Evan Woodward

Some of Rome's Greatest Emperors (From Left to Right; Julius Caesar, Augustus, Vespasian, Trajan)

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is arguably one of the most important historical figures of all time, and that is for a good reason. When Trajan was born in 100 B.C, Rome was a very violent place. There was constant fighting and internal fighting among the citizens and the government. Because of this, Julius went to military school at a very young age. The skills he learned there helped him earn a spot as a consul and finally an emperor. Once Caesar was crowned as emperor, he immediately formed a big three with Pompey and Crassus. Together, they defeated Gaul but their alliance did not last long. Crassus died in battle and Caesar parted ways with Pompey. Julius then started the civil war to achieve peace, which he won. In March of 44 B.C, Caesar was assasinated by his old enemies.

Julius Caesar is on my list because of the work he did and the foundation he payed for one of the greatest nations of all time. His early techniques set standards for future emperors and his fighting techniques helped him win over the hearts of many supporters and filled his enemies with fear.


Agustus, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, took over as emperor of Rome at an early age. After his father was slain in 31 B.C, he took the reigns of his father's nation. Agustus had a friendship with Marc Antony but this ended when they both started a war against each other when Marc Antony admitted that he supported Cleopatra. The Romans fought on through Egypt and won over the land. Over the following years of his reign, he extended the borders and made sure he did not die the same way his father did. So, he made sure to charm the senate so no controversy would evoke. He was finally dethroned after he died peacefully in 14 B.C.

Agustus is on my list because of his ability to end almost a century of civil war. Most importantly, he expanded Rome's borers far beyond the Middle East and made sure to plan for the future of this great dynasty.


Vespasian spent most of his early life as a war general for Britain which was part of Rome. Vespasian earned the honor of emperor when he defeated the other half of Rome's army and Vitellius. This decicive victory helped Vespasian become emperor of Rome in 69 A.D. Vespasian made sure to rebuild the city of Rome after the war and even added new additions such as the coliseum. As well as all of that, he also conquered Wales and northern England. Vespasian then died in 79 A.D. peacefully.

Vespasian is on this list because of his ability to bring peace back to Rome. After he defeated Vitellius, e achieved peace and respect. He was able to stabilize all the chaos and improved Rome economically by expanding the borders and building new structures.


Trajan, a military leader for Germany was chosen as emperor of Rome after Nerva's death in 98 A.D. During his reign, he was able to fight off invaders and conquered old friends such as the Parthians. Trajan conquered so much land that Rome was now the biggest that it had ever been. Back at home, Trajan gave money to families in need and improved the senate. He also built new structures such as harbors and aqueducts. He died peacefully as well in 117 A.D.

Trajan is on my list because of his ability to conquer the map. He expanded the border enormously and helped families. He also improved the treasury by plundering the gold mines of Romania.

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