"The Saint of My Birthday" St. Dismas Alexis Carpenter

St. Dismas' most popular story is considered myth. Legend has it that two theieves, one being St. Dismas, blocked Mary and Joseph as they were fleeing from King Herod. St. Dismas bribed the other thief to leave them alone and Jesus predicted St. Dismas would be crucified in Jerusalem along side him.

The only reliable information about St. Dismas comes from Luke's gospel. Stating that he was one of the unnamed people crucified next to Jesus. He is considered the "good thief", "penitential thief" or "thief on the cross" because he stopped the other thieves from robbing Mary and Joseph.

St. Dismas was born in 18 BC in Galilee and died between 30-33 AD. Since he was not canonized, St. Dismas is not a patron of anything. St. Dismas is celebrated on March 25 in the church. Some say St. Dismas was canonized by the Lord himself by the Lord's words "you will join me in paradise".

St. Dismas, please help me to help people as you helped the Holy family through their obstacle of robbery. Amen





I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work. Alexis Carpenter

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