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Luxembourg, Europe

Where is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is on the right of Belgium, on top of France, and left of Germany. Luxembourg is in the northern and eastern hemisphere. It is also in Europe. In Luxembourg the capital is Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Most of Europe is in the eastern hemisphere but some of it gets cut off and is in the western so the coordinates for Luxembourg is 49 36°N and 6 10°E and this is also the coordinates for Luxembourg, Luxembourg. (The capital)

(On left) Everything surrounding Luxembourg and Europe. The capital. (Right)

Physical features in Luxembourg

Are there physical features in Luxembourg

There are many physical features in Luxembourg and some are very beautiful like the hills. The hills is just something pretty to see. One place is the Ardennes which is just a pretty sight to see. This place might be old but it's very long, so long that it is 3,860 square miles long. The Ardennes can also be found in Belgium and France. another place is bon pays which is a beautiful it's a river that goes around a place or city. If you would like to stay in Luxembourg you would need clothe for summer, Winter, fall, and spring. different clothing is needed for each season because they have cold winters and hot summer's. They have this weather because Luxembourg is in between the arctic circle and the tropic of cancer so it is in the temperate zone.

Ardennes Mountains is on the left. The latitude and longitude lines of Luxembourg on the middle. On the right it's the different type of temperature zones that there is and orange on top of the picture is the part that Luxembourg is located on.
A clima graph of Luxembourg.

population in luxembourg

how many people are there in luxembourg?

there is 582,291 people in luxembourg and based off other country's ranking in the world rank. luxembourg is rated in the world rank 173rd and this is really good because there is many country's in the world. luxembourg is not a small country when it comes to population but if you rank it by size of country then, okay it's small. But the size in population is most likely to be medium. luxembourg population density is 537 people per square mile and is luxembourg crowded, well luxembourg is not a crowded country it's actually a decent country because it's not full of people but it's not without people.

growth and fertility rate

the growth rate of luxembourg makes luxembourg a fast growing country because it's growth rate is 2.05% and this is faster than the average rate which is 0.8-1.5%. for fast growth rate the percent has to be greater or equal to 1.6%. the total fertility rate is 1.61%and this also proves that luxembourg is a fast growing country because the fertility rate must be 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 to have a average fertility rate.

most populated cities in luxembourg

luxembourg has five cities with a lot of people. the first place is the capital luxembourg, luxembourg. this place has 115,227 people in the city. the second city is esch-sur-alzette and this city has 33,939 people. the third city is differdange, 24,805 people are in this city. the fourth place is dudelange which has 20,003 people. the last but not least is ettelbruck with 8,544 people.

urban or rural??

Luxembourg is..... urban because 90% of luxembourg is urban and 10% of it is rural. luxembourg is a surprise that it is a urban country because it's so small that you would think that it's rural and not urban. This is good because that means that there are things to do then just grow crops and live a life of a farmer then get use to Technology like 10-15 years later. in luxembourg more people are entering than leaving so the population is raising. out of a 1,000 people 16.3 are migrants and this is good because if the number is positive that means more people are entering but if the number is negative it means more people are leaving the country than entering. your question might be way are people entering more than they are leaving luxembourg? well the answer is that in the european union luxembourg is the richest but one of the smallest countries. another reason is that it is made up of rolling hills and forests so it's a beautiful sight to see so people camp and watch beautiful things happen. for example sunset and possibly sunrise.

economics in luxembourg

is luxembourg developed or developing?

luxembourg is a developed country. it is a developed country because has 3 requirements, that is almost always true when deciding if the country is developed or developing. the first requirement is that the country must have a gDP per capita (Gross Domestic Product) must be At least 30,000 dollars. if you can think of a number higher than 30,000 it must be 77,900 dollars because that's luxembourg's gDP per capita. the life expectancy that the country must be is 78 years or higher to be the 2nd Requirement. luxembourg's life expectancy for people is 80.01 years. this is really good because that means that many people will be living for a very long time and live a happy life. the 3rd requirement is the hardest requirement. it's because it has to be 99% or 100%. luxembourg literacy rate is 100%. this means that everybody over 15 knows how to read and write. these 3 requirements are the reasons that luxembourg is a developed country and not a developing country so always check what is the gDP per capita, life expectancy, and literacy rate are the numbers but in this paragraph to tell if it's a developed or developing country.

culture in luxembourg

how many languages are in luxembourg?

there are 4 languages in luxembourg that are spoken in luxembourg but there a place called other and that is other languages spoken that aren't named. The Main Religion Is Roman Catholic. The Amount Of Luxembourg That Is Roman Catholic Is 87%.

  1. Luxembourger-88.8%
  2. French-4.2%
  3. Other-3.5%
  4. Portuguese-2.3%
  5. German-1.1%
Languages is on the left and on the right it's religions.

cultural characteristics of luxembourg

well luxembourg is cultural when it comes to food because it has many very interesting foods.


bouneschlupp is a thick soup made with green beans, potatoes, bacon, and other times they might even add carrots, leeks, celery, onions, milk, or cream. if you would eat this most of the times that people serve it is with potato pancakes.

the most APPETIZING picture of bouneschlupp

f'rell am Rèisleck

this is trout that is fried first. then, after that it is cooked in a rich wine and a cream sauce. then after that it's served and people eat it. this is a dish that looks better than it sound.

Looks better than it sounds

Judd mat gaardebounen

judd mat gaardebounen is smoked and salted pork served with board beans, and smoked neck of pork. before any of that they would soak the neck in water the night before. on the next day the neck that was in water over night would then be put in a different pot full of Vegetables and spices. then let it cook. once it's cooked you'd serve it cut into thin slices and served with the board beans.

Judd Mat Gaardebounen

paschtéit or bouchée á la reine

this is a large pastry case filled with chicken and mushrooms. it is also filled with a creamy or béchamel sauce. once the filling is baked and put into the pastry case the pastry lid is popped on top.



this is delicious crispy fried potato cakes or fritters. this snack is one of the most popular snacks in luxembourg. you could probably find these's in almost every market or fair you would go to. this is made with grated potatoes, chopped onions, parsley, egg, flour, and salt. after it's shaped into a flattened patties it is fried. Gromperekichelcher would be served with ketchup or apple sauce. another thing you could do with it is eat it with soup.

Looks fantastic.

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