Walter Camp Football Rules

Walter Camp
  • Walter Camp was an american football player, coach, and sports writer.
  • Walter Camp was known as the "Father of American Football."
  • He was born April 7, 1859 in New Britain, CT
  • He died on March 14, 1925 in New York City, NY
  • He created the sports line of scrimmage and the system of downs.
The American Football can be traced back to the original sport from England called rugby. American Football was made from the rugby rules and formation of the ball.
  • Walter's education was Hopkins School, Yale School of Medicine, and Yale University.
  • Walter's parents were Ellen Sophia Cornwell, and Everett Lee.
  • Walter became a Yale halfback and captain, and a member of the Intercollegiate Football Rules Committee for 48 years.
  • Walter's full name is Walter Chauncey Camp.
  • Walter Camp died from a heart failure.


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