Watching the film Fambul Tok, I realized that forgiveness is something that can be achieved. After all the troubles that Sierra Leone faced during the war, they found hope and forgiveness for the people who've done them wrong. Forgiveness is a necessity for a healthier life and successful relationships in the future.

1. Lowers Pain: According to Sammy , forgiving someone can lower " both emotional and physical pain". There was a study done by Duke University Medical Center involving 61 subjects who all had back pains. The study showed that "those who were more likely to forgive, reported lower levels of pain". The researchers concluded in their study that a relationship appears to exist between forgiveness and important aspects of living with persistent pain." (Sammy Nickalls)

2. Protect Against Long Term Stress : According to Amanda Chan , having forgiveness within yourself "predicts positive mental and physical health". The Journal of Health Psychology conducted a recent study alongside researchers from Luther College. The researchers found that "forgiveness seems to protect against stress's negative effects on mental health". The more forgiving people were blessed with less mental heal with moderate levels of forgiveness, compared to people with low levels of forgiveness , they experienced poor mental health. (Amanda Chan)

3. Good for your Heart: According to the recent study concluded by Journal of Behavioral Medicine , "forgiveness is associated with lower heart rate and blood pressure and stress relief." Forgiveness is associated with 5 measures of health: "physical symptoms, medications used, sleep quality, fatigue, and somatic complaints". Another study conducted by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , forgiveness restores positive thoughts , feelings, and behaviors toward other people in previous situations. (Elizabeth Scott)

4. More Friendships/ Healthier Friendships: Ana Holub says that holding grudges puts a barrier between you and your friends or family. Letting go of the grudge will help you improve the relationship and become closer with one another. If you make room for forgiveness , old friendships can change and grow and new friendships can enter into your life. If you forgive , you will begin to notice your relationships begin to get better. There will be less drama in your life which will be a big weight lifted off of your shoulders. (Ana Holub)

5. Gets you out of an angry mode: According to Johns Hopkins Medicine , "when you're angry , you're in a flight-or-flight mode which can have effects on blood pressure and heart rate". When you forgive, that can decrease stress and "tamp down" your anger. Karen Swartz says that "there is an enormous physical burden to being hurt and disappointed". Not forgiving someone brings more anger and holding onto a grudge brings high physiological activity compared to those who forgave. (Amanda Chan)

Forgiving someone for doing you wrong not only improves your health , but makes you feel 10 times better inside. When you forgive, you are no longer dwelling on the past issues and more focused on moving on and mending the relationship. Forgiveness is key to a healthier life and overall better relationships.

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