Quarantine in Photos: A (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience Reporting and photos by Nayeli Brewster, Ria Pandey, Kyla Ulug, Haylie Yee and Tyler Yuen.

First-year Aquila staffers were tasked to capture four specific photos—family, inside the home, life outside the home and choice—in order to showcase their new knowledge of photojournalism for their first semester final due Dec. 14. These were some of our leadership's favorites.

Ron Garcia (left) and Amber Powell (right) converse as Monika Diaz (middle) colors their hair at P.E. Studios on Dec. 5. COVID-19 protocols like included wearing masks and using plastic film to separate customers.

"We do it to protect not only ourselves but our clients as well," hairstylist and salon owner Monika Diaz said. "We consider our clientele our family, and we would never want our family to be in any kind of danger."

Reporting and photo by Nayeli Brewster.

Monika Diaz (left) and Belinda Montes de Oca (right) wrap gifts and decorate their Christmas tree surrounded by their dogs for the upcoming holiday on Dec. 12. Since families were urged by the CDC to not visit each other for the holidays, the mother and daughter do what they can to get into the Christmas spirit.

"Although I cannot see the rest of my children or grandchildren on Christmas, I am so grateful that none of my family has been sick," Montes de Oca said. "I will gladly sacrifice not being able to see my family in order for them to be as safe as possible. My Abuela used to tell me that: 'Yes, we are separated, but we are very connected at heart.'"

Reporting and photo by Nayeli Brewster.

After the work day comes to a close, Nikhil Pandey loves to come in to the media room and play pool by himself. He generally prefers to practice alone, as it gives him a moment of seclusion and privacy when he wants to relax after a tiring day at school. Typically, after eating dinner with his family, Nikhil will come in the room and play pool for around 30 minutes before watching television or playing video games. Here he is pictured about to take his next shot on Dec. 3.

"I am thankful that he has been able to find an interest in pool during these times," his mother, Deepa Nayak, said. "I felt very guilty that he was being so isolated at home without meeting friends from school, so seeing him keep himself entertained is definitely a relief."

Reporting and photo by Ria Pandey.

From left to right, Batuhan, Amy and Mukadder Ulug crack up while playing a game of "Clue" on their balcony on Dec. 13. Being nine months into quarantine with no clear end in sight, Amy expresses her experience with the distance from her friends and how she copes. “All of my interactions with my friends are now online via Zoom calls—book club, for example," Ulug said. "But, most of my fun and entertainment is now watching Netflix or playing games with my family.”

Reporting and photo by Kyla Ulug.

From left to right, Vicky Lieu, Clayton Yee and Trystan Yee stand on their backyard pool deck and share a laugh on Dec. 6. Families like the Yee’s have developed a routine during their shelter in place, members are isolated in areas of the house for privacy while they work. Mother Vicky Lieu goes into her office building every other week to manage employment program representative staff members. When Lieu is home, she works in her son's room, moving Trystan Yee out into the living room to attend his online third grade classes. Lieu works at 6 a.m., so when she is home, the youngest Yee sleeps in his parents' room in order to get enough sleep before his classes.

“We’re so used to each other that nothing is really changing in our family dynamics,” father Clayton Yee said.

Reporting and photo by Haylie Yee.

Cathy Yuen works on her computer behind her family's Christmas tree. As COVID-19 cases surge across the country, families shelter indoors to prevent contamination and spread. On top of social distancing orders, Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom has implemented a new Stay-At-Home mandate, restricting non-essential travel beyond 150 miles. Unlike previous years, California residents will now be spending Christmas at home.

Reporting and photo by Tyler Yuen.

The playground and swings at Starlite Park are wrapped in caution tape amid the COVID-19 restrictions. Families across the nation are looking for ways to get outside the house, despite the lockdown. The government encourages them to talk walks and go to parks while remaining socially distant. "I feel more for other people," Daniel, a FedEX employee, said. "I got people at home, and it could be serious if they get COVID."

Reporting and photo by Tyler Yuen.