There are so many chemical reactions that a Gold Miner needs to consider. After watching this video I counted at least three separate chemical reactions. I decided to focus on the most simple reaction in the whole process. The Blasting of Gold Ore with Dynamite.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

  • Silica, Alumina, and Iron Oxide are the main compounds of Diatomite
  • Silica is composed of SiO2, Alumina is composed of Al2O3, and Iron Oxide is composed of Fe2O3.
  • Silica is Si bonded with O2, Alumina is Al2 bonded with O3, and Iron Oxide is Fe2 bonded with O3
  • The main compounds ofNitroglycerin is composed of C3H5N3O9.Nitroglycerin is C3H5 bonded with N3O9.
The Chemical Reaction is a combustion reaction. Dynamite or Nitroglycerin reacts with oxygen to produce Carbon dioxide Water and Nitrogen gas. Another product produced is HNO which is know as NItroxyl gas.



Nitroglycerin is explosive and can blow up at the smallest disturbance. You must treat this chemical with care and keep it away from heat.


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