Tablets vs Textbook Should we switch to tablets or stick wIth textbooks

Does your kid like technology? Do you think iPads are more useful than textbooks? Schools are starting to use digital resources instead of textbooks. Schools should replace textbooks with iPads. The use of iPads are better for the environment, helpful,and technology is the future.

Better for the environment

One of the reasons iPads are environmentally friendly, is they cut down on paper your school uses everyday. Some schools save money in the long run from not printing or buying textbooks. Savings could be around $7,200 a year. Also, when we make paper, we cut down a lot of trees. That affects the rainforest. It has a lot of special plants and animals that only live there. Destroying their habitat can cause them to go extinct . So, iPads help the environment and protect the food chain. When we cut down trees, an animal can lose its home causing it to be unprotected from its predators.

More helpful

The second reason an iPad should replace a textbook is they can be more convenient and valuable. When you think of an iPad, you might think of a piece of technology that kids use to play games, iPads can be very helpful. About 5,400 educational applications are available for the iPad. iPads can be very practical with online textbooks. They can be used to change language settings. Also, they can read the text for you. That really helps visual learners, so they can see the text, here the text, and take digital notes all at the same time.

Technology is the future

Creation of technology started a long time ago. The first tools were stone axes in bone arrow tips. In the 20th century, we started to make synthetic rubber and plastics. Technology has made modern day society possible and has increased the human lifespan. Technology will be around for a long time.

Why should we switch

Some parents still think textbooks are the way to go, because that's how they did it in school. They also think that kids have been around too much technology and need a break with textbooks. However, iPads save schools a lot of money and they are more useful by reading the text and being able to change the languages, which can really helpful for kids in school.

In conclusion, schools should start using iPads instead of textbooks. iPads are crucial, better for the in environment, and technology is the future. Parents need to feel comfortable with their kids using iPads in the place of textbooks.


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