Kieran and Jessica's story Of Romulus and Remus

A long time ago

There was a king who livd in italy and had a yunger brother who wasjellus and uprose aenst him

The litll bother won namltor killed all his boy's summ howe he did not kill his girl he toled.her not to have kids but she fellin love with the god of mars.

And had twins the king was fureus so hsent hos servunt to put them down the river Tiber.

But he felt to bad to gest put them in the river so he put them in a baskit a she wolf reskud them.

And toke kare of them like her own.

Won day a shepd came and took the twins too his wife and called them Romulus and Remus and thay grew up to be shepuds like there dad.

Wone day wen thay was fowned by the king s shepuds.

Remus got traped.

Then romulus saved him and killed the king.

The people is going too cround both of them as king.

But thay didn't like that.

Thay wonted to build there own city.

Romulus wonted to build his city on mount P and Remus wonted to build his city on mount A.

Thay had a fight and Romulus won and Remus Fainted.

And Romulus built Rome.

And it was the powerefulest city for 1000 'years.

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