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Ecuador is in the Northern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere it is South America. Colombia is northeast of Ecuador,Peru is north of Ecuador, Galápagos Islands are west of the Ecuador. The capital of Ecuador is Quito the cordinets is .180795s, 78.4678w

Ecuador temperature zone is hot all year, Ecuador is in Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn

The rivers are the most important national geography and economy most of the over 2000 rivers and streams have headwaters in the Andes mountains range towards the pacific oceans.

The total population Ecuador of is over 15.3 million. It is crowded in world rank

The growth rate is over 1.23% It is avg. Fertility rate is the population of death.

Guayaquil has over 3,500,000 population,Quito has over 2,671,000, Euenca has 400,00, Santo Domingo has over 200,421, Macnala has 241,606.

Ecuador is mostly a Rural area

more people are leaving Ecuador at a percentage of -13, they are leaving because people want a better job.

Ecuador is a developing country Ecuador GDP per ca pita is 10,600 the life expectancy their is 76.36% if that was a higher number it would be a develop place.

their main language is Spanish and other language

The main religion in Ecuador is roman catholic its is over 80% of the religion.

Football is the most popular sport is Equator .The national teams matches are the most watch sporting event in the country. Tourists are often welcome to join in on locals games but remember that many of the locals play the game often and display quite impressive skill. Ecuador football clubs fare much better in home games because other teams struggle to play at such altitudes.

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