Coach V's Ideal Math 7- chantal

To kick off this project, we were asked to design a cottage of your choice. Once i decided the dimensions of the cottage (9m by 11m). I begun to imagine a practical family home by the lake. I wanted it to be practical as I said but also enjoyable for all ages. Once I finished my sketches I turned them into blueprints (birds eye view, front view, side 1/2 view.)

Here is my Birdseye View of the Cottage
Front View of the cottage
Both side Views of my Cottage

As soon as my blueprints have been finished and have been approved as well. i went on to Tinkercad, and created a 3 dimensional house. I was able to create walls and a roof. I also added windows where additional natural light was needed. To place the roof on the house I did not use the rectangular prism and resize it I clicked the Triangular prism and inputted my dimensions to create the correct size roof for my house.

These are some different view angles of my cottage. Each view assisted me in the final calculations.

here we have the cottage with and without the roof (bird eye view).
here we have the front and back view of the cottage with the roof included.
this is the left and right side of the cottage.

Everyone should know that owning a property is fun and all, except you have to pay for painting the exterior walls, putting shingles on the roof, and heating the house in the winter. I had to find that all out through math cost calculations listed below.

Cost Calculations
Heating,Roofing, painting, and total Calculations.

I will build you a fantastic cottage for you family and friends with a great view of the lake. This Cottage will contain priceless memories and enough room for all to enjoy a great weekend or break by the water and surrounded by nature. We will build this for a total Cost of 2296.5 Euros.


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