The Digital Humanities Minor at Marshall University

What's Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities focuses on using technology to answer questions about the world.

Students enrolled in the minor gain skills in digital communication, media studies, critical thinking, and coding.

Graduates go on to work as writers, business analysts, journalists, web content creators, librarians, teachers, government officials, historians, social media marketing specialists, and artists.

Why Do DH? Get Hired!

Benefits for arts and humanities students

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Benefits for STEM students

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Why Do DH? Get Recognized (and paid)!

DH students publish their work and win awards (with $$ prizes)

Why Do DH? Access Human and Technological Resources!

Make video essays with Adobe Creative Cloud

Map data and produce visualizations with ArcGIS

Use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze texts

Digitize archival texts and bring history to life with Clio

Collaborate to create video games at an offical Marshall Game Jam

Join the fun at HerdCon

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