The things I learned about the american revolution By CADE WALKER

First thing I remember learning about the Revolution is the olive branch petition getting signed. This event meant that the British would give them a little freedom but still have rules for them to follow. The next one would be the Declaration of Independence. It was signed then the thirteen colonies went to war with the British. Then another popular one is the Boston tea party. When american dressed up like Indians and opened there tea and throw it of the boat. Then Lastly is The Boston massacre. When the British king told there army to shoot up Boston but five male were killed and six were injured.

Lexington and concord was were the Americans started there rally of wins at least they thought and they were going though political troubles during this battle too. Then Bunker Hill this was costly to the British victory helped build early success. Then Quebec It was one of many wins for the Americans along the river sides.

One out come of this war is the French Revolution and you think ours was bad wow there is way worse. The Bill of rights was sighed and it was a key part of our history.


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