Tour of the Harn

The good life tour of the Harn was overall a good experience for me. There was lots of abstract art that I didn't expect to see, as well as a lot of sculptures that stood out to me. It showed me that art can truly be any way and in any medium the artist desires. All of the pieces are meant to convey some type of message, and that is what art is really about, and its one of the things I realized on this tour.

I found the "old mans cloth" to be particularly striking, because of the depth and size of the sculpture. El Anatsui did a magnificent job of really bringing this piece to life by making it huge and dynamic with the folds and the way the material is strung together. You would neber know what this piece really looks like or what its made from or how ig it is if you just saw it online. It communicated that art can be made out of anything, and can symbolize anything. This was not just a piece of cloth, it was a symbol for the workers in Nigeria.

the Asian water Garden was particularly appealing to me. The way the water rushed from the waterfall down the small stream into the pond created a sense of serenity that can only be found in that type of setting for me. It was outdoors, bright, with only the sound and visual stimulant of nature and water around you. It feels like the rest of the world has been stripped away and it is just oneself connecting with nature. this makes me feel at peace with myself, walking through the peaceful bliss of nature crates a calming environment for me.

These two pictures really connected with me about doing hard work. I believe that hard work will eventually pay out, and to me that is what these two pictures are representing. Rafael Tunfino, the artist, really captures the way that Puerto Ricans had to work. Looking at this painting I feel more motivated to work hard on my own life goals.

The sculpture In the middle of the first room really reminded me of "A single story" and that your view of something is not compete until you have all the pieces. This sculpture would not be able to stand the way it is without all the different pieces fitting together perfictly to balance each other out the way they do. That to my symbolizes the different parts of information we gather in our lives to have a more holistic view on something.

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