Literary analysis Monke's paw by marcelia osorio GONZÁLEZ

There was a house where a man and his son played chess. When his name was called, Morris suddenly called the door of the house, which the family had previously known. This sergeant told Mr. Blanco, his son and his wife, a story about the monkey piece he wore, which apparently granted three wishes and questions aloud and was granted in a manner so random that it looked like a mother Chance that Mr. White wanted that.

Although the sergeant advised him to destroy it, the master refused. The sergeant left the house, and the man asked for the desire to get two hundred pounds. Having asked for this desire, a man came to whom his own had been crushed by some machines in his work and that the company sent the amount of two pound The white man fainted and his wife began to scream.

They left the weeks after burying their son, when Mrs. White told her husband to ask for the resurrection of his son, but negotiated to use the monkey pita until the woman managed to get his wish and after waiting A few hours he heard The door sounded And he opened a computer, Stop Mr. White, but that purpose could not reach. The woman took and a chair to open the door and the man made his last wish, and at that very moment the whole house was filled with silence ...

It is a short story of supernatural terror written by W. W. Jacobs, in 1902. In this story the leg of a dead monkey is a talisman that fulfills whoever has three desires, but desires come with a huge price.

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