Eva Peron

Why Eva Peron was important?

Eva Peron helped lead the populist government in the 40's and 50's with her husband Juan Peron, who was the president of Argentina. She was a people's person, she was like a bridge between the government and the laborers. Peron also acted as the minister of health and labor. She even created a charity that helped establish hospitals, schools, orphanages, homes for the aged, and many other charitable institutions. She also had a very big part in the passage of the women suffrage law.


8 themes in World History

I think Eva Peron is tied to revolution and power and authority from the 8 themes of world history. She would be in revolution because she had an important role in the passage of the women suffrage law, which made things change dramatically. She would fit into power and authority because she assisted her husband when he was president and helped him make decisions.


"Time is my greatest fear," this is a quote from Eva Peron. I believe this quote shows who she was because she accomplished a lot of things in her short life, since she died of cancer at age 33. I think time was her greatest fear because she wanted to accomplish many other things but knew her time was running short and for that reason feared it.


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