The freshwater Biome By lucas and adonis , MErZ , science 5th hr

Here are some examples of what freshwater biomes look like

Here is a little bit about the freshwater biome

Freshwater ecosystems like the one above, these may include rivers, streams , ponds , and lakes. Lakes are large body's of freshwater . On average temperatures in the summer range from 65 F to 75 F and in the winter 35 F to 45 F . The climate is determined by a number of factors such as location , season , and depth of the water as the most prominent ones. Temperatures will decline as the water gets deeper.This pattern is more commen in lakes where there is less water movement and more depth compared with a stream.

Here is a photo of a frozen freshwater biome

This is what a freshwater biome might look like in early spring, summer , and early fall

This is what a freshwater biome might look like in late fall, and all throughout the winter .

In fast moving waters , animals that have to hold onto rocks and the bottom of theses places may have suction-cup like structures on their body's.

Plants in a freshwater biome , along with alge are important to freshwater biomes because they provide oxygen through photosynthesis , and they are also food for animals that also inhabit the biome. In fast streams and rivers some plants have anchors in rock crevices and soil so they don't get blown away by the current.

Lake Tahoe is a huge lake on the border of California and Nevada. This is an example of geography in a lake . Lake Tahoe is a great example of this . It originates from mountain stream runoffs. They mostly have trees and rocks in the places of the fresh water biome.

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