Advanced Placement Courses Failing to plan is planning to fail

Your students will maintain a higher grade point average (GPA) which will ease the tension of the application process.

Being accepted is only the beginning! Encourage more students to take the AP courses by showing them how easy others have gotten accepted after taking one of the offered courses.

Relieve your students of some stress before his or her freshman year of college! Make it mandatory for them to schedule an AP course in high school; this will help turn his or her stressed out frown upside down!

Does college tuition have your students on a tight budget? Avoid having your students have little to no spending money outside of his or her tuition costs by making them take an AP course. The courses are all free and every student loves free things!

Want your student to focus more on his or her major intensive courses sooner? Have them take an AP course before they get to college. Rather than only taking general education courses during the first semester, your students will have the chance to take more enjoyable classes earlier!

Graduating college at an earlier date than originally projected is a possibility for your students who decided to take an AP course in high school. However, once the students graduate, they have made the impossible possible and can therefore move on in life with a better chance of getting a job than students who did no take an AP course. All the more reason why making your high school students take an advanced placement course before graduation is a good idea!

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