careers nursing

nursing course In queens university in Belfast

This course is for nursing children and it lasts three years. A-levels required are BBC, faculty-medicine , health and life sciences. Attendance is full-time and will attend nursing and midwifery school.

a-level BBC including a relevant science (biology/human biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics)

How much nurses earn in the UK depends on their experience and years of service. The annual salary ranges from 14,294 and 98,453 GBP.

agency nurse-this is were you tell your agency how much hours a week you can work

Ambulatory Care Nurses-This nurse looks after people who stay over in the hospital or other facility for less than 24 hours

Nurse Anesthesia- These nurses work with surgeons,dentists,podiatrists, anesthesiologists, and other doctors to provide anesthesia to patients before, during, and after surgery or child birth.

Case Management Nurses-This is working with a group of people discussing someone's health or problems

Critical Care Nurses-Critical Care nurses provide care for patients and families who are experiencing actual or potential life-threatening illness.

Emergency Nurses-Emergency Nurses work with professionals in an attempt to support patients and their families as they experience illness, injury or crisis.

HIV/AIDS Nurses-These nurse provide healthcare for patients who are HIV or AIDS positive

Midwifery Nurses-These nurses deliver babies and look after them after to make sure they are breathing right and everything is okay

Nurses work in a wide range of places here is some examples-hospitals,clinics,offices,nursing homes,hospice,schools,cruise ships,military,helicopters,industries,wellness centres,public health offices,home health care agencies

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