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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the March newsletter! We hope everyone has survived the first wave of midterms. Spring Break is finally at our doorstep and I'm sure we could all use it! There's a lot of information to discuss in this newsletter, including a recap of what's happened in the previous month, a look ahead to upcoming events, and project team updates! Clear skies!

- Fabio Andrean, AIAA Secretary

Upcoming February Events

AIAA Alumni Social - Come enjoy pizza, networking, and socializing at Pink's Pizza with UH graduates who are former AIAA-UH members. Friday, March 20th, 7 pm, Pink's Pizza.

Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics Panel - In a joint event with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) we will be hosting a group of women aerospace professionals. They will discuss their respective roles, followed by a Q&A session. Food will be served. Thursday, March 26th, 7 pm, in Science and Research room 116.

Mars Rover and Girls Engineering Events - The first event is in celebration of humanity's feat of landing multiple rovers on the surface of Mars. Elementary and Middle School students will present their home made rover models to judges, and will participate in various aerospace activities. The second event is sponsored by Chevron and is geared towards 4-8 grade girls to encourage them to explore STEM fields. We will be leading activities at each event which happen to be on the same day. We really need all the help we can get! If interested in volunteering, please click this link. Saturday, March 28th, Student Center South.

Team Updates

UAV Team - The team has moved out of the research phase of the project. They are going to be doing test builds of the wings and manufacturing of major plane parts over spring break. Upon completion of construction, the avionics sub-team will be able to finalize their portion of the project. Finally, the team has a custom foldable wing mechanism ready to be integrated into the plane. Reports are going to be finalized in the next 2-3 weeks, and the team is both ahead of schedule and below budget!

Hobby Rocket Team - Hello again! It's Jose with hobby rocket team! This month Jalyssa has continued to work on her rocket and started to epoxy components together. I started printing out molds to lay up fiberglass sheets to create a nosecone from scratch. I'm also building a really crude vacuum bagging kit to help form the shape of the nosecone. More pictures to come soon! For anyone interested in joining Hobby Rocket Team, Meetings are on Fridays at 6pm in Science and Research 532 and anyone is free to join! The team also has a discord.

Space City Rocketry - The team has completely finished the design of Oberon's overhaul. Ordering parts has also been completed, and deliveries are coming in. The Critical Design Review (CDR) will be taking place later today, March 6th, at 6 pm in SEC 202. Anyone who would like to attend is welcome! Manufacture of the rocket's fins, and Modular Motor Mount (a mechanism allowing the motor and fins of the rocket to be swapped out easily) will be taking place soon. Currently, the team is performing integrated testing of the recovery and avionics systems, and planning logistics for the competition.

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Recap of Events
Aerospace Professionals Committee (APC) - February 2019 - AIAA-UH invited a group of professionals from the aerospace industry to come talk about their careers as well as current developments in space travel and technology.
2nd Spring General Meeting - March 2020 - The second general meeting of the semester doubled as the opening of the AIAA officer election process. Close to a dozen members discussed the position they were running for and their aspirations for the coming semester. After the candidate speeches, former astronaut and mayor of Friendswood Mike Foreman took the floor. He talked about his second shuttle mission, STS-129, and all the behind-the-scenes training that preceded it. He also detailed his journey from astronaut to mayor of Friendswood: a position he was initially apprehensive about taking.
That's all folks! See you next month! - AIAA-UH Officers
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