Canada's Filled With Greatness Terrence SIngh

One of my favourite things in Canada is the basketball team. Their name is the Toronto Raptors and they play in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for 2 years which means they were established in 1995 (Toronto Raptors Franchise Index). The haven't played for that many years compared to other teams. Their best record (they play a total of 81 games each year not including playoffs) is 56 wins and 23 losses (Toronto Raptors Franchise Index). Throughout their history they have 8 playoff appearances and no championships (Toronto Raptors Franchise Index). The highest they've ever reached in the playoffs is the eastern conference finals (3rd out 4 rounds). The Toronto Raptors have always played in Atlantic division (Toronto Raptors Franchise Index). Some of the Toronto Raptors most famous players are Vince Carter, Kyle Lowry, Demar Derozan, and Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors all-time best players).

The Toronto Raptors current Logo

This is one of my favourite things about Canada because this represents who we are. I truly love this team because I love the sport of basketball and this is the only Canadian team in the NBA. Canada was always known to be a hockey based country but this team is turning that around. It's truly brought our country together and showed others that Hockey is not only our sport. Other teams in Canada haven't been doing that good like the Toronto Maple leafs and the Toronto Argonauts. But the Toronto Raptors have been doing amazing lately. Last year alone they hosted the NBA all-star game, was 2 games away from the NBA finals, broken multiple of records and made it to the Eastern Conference finals. Now this is a team that's impressive!

This is the water park at West Edmonton Mall.

The West Edmonton Mall is a gigantic mall. There are so many stores in this mall I bet 99% present of people couldn't even name all of the stores. This mall opened in September 1981 and started off with 220 stores and was 1 129 800 square feet (History of WEM). Within then and now there are 4 phases. The WEM is now a total of 5.2 square feet, has a total of 800 stores in it and can fit about 20 000 vehicles in the aprking lot (History of WEM). The mall opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 9 in the night from Monday to Saturday (History of WEM). On Sunday it is open from 11 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon and is the biggest Mall in North America (History of WEM). Each year the mall gets about 30.8 million visitors.

Picture of their amusement park.

This amusement park is a huge tourist attraction for people all over the world. There's so many places to visit it would take a very long time to visit each and every place. What I like about this mall is that it has something for everyone to do. They have water parks, plenty of stores, amusement parks, and lots of diners. They even have a hotel in the mall so you don't have to leave the mall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone because this could be your get-away.

Doesn't that look good. All of that amazing gravy, the melted cheese and the crispy fries. This is called poutine. Poutine was first invented in Warwick, Quebec, Canada (The Deliciously Messy History of Poutine). Two restaurants claim that they found poutine first, The Laughing Elf and Le Roy Jucep(The Deliciously Messy History of Poutine). The Laughing elf claimed it first served it in 1957 which is earlier than Le Roy Jucep, but the thing is they didn't use gravy so it was missing a key ingredient (The Deliciously Messy History of Poutine). Le Roy Jucep served its first poutine in 1965 but it included all three of the ingredients(The Deliciously Messy History of Poutine) . Le Roy Jucep is more known for for the first resteraunt to invent poutine because people beleve they made it first (The Deliciously Messy History of Poutine). In today's world you can get poutine plenty of places. If you want to go somewhere close, cheap and convenient you can go to Mcdonalds (Poutine).

Poutine is simply delicious. It creates a different flavour in your mouth and creates the perfect combination with gravy, fries, and cheese. There's pretty much no where other than Canada you can get this. Well you can technically get this in America and other countries but its just not the same. Before Poutine was only available in Quebec but recently it is pretty much available everywhere in Canada. Poutine might not be the healthiest dish in the world but it is sure one flavourful, one of a kind dish.


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