Charity Diary Cover Design Journal Entry 1



CLIENT - The Ones who have the Communication needs would be Samaritan's Purse trying to convey what it is that they do but it also depends on the audience or who they are trying to appeal to as that in itself can influence the client.

AUDIENCE - Samaritan's Purse is an organisation that does multiple charity cases such as International Disaster Relief, Domestic Disaster Relief, Operation Christmas Child, The Greatest Journey, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Food Security and Livelihoods, Health and Nutrition, Education and Vocational Training, People at Risk and Church Resources. The audience that would most likely use this product will most likely be Churches, Banks, Private Schools and Government Owned Companies. RETRIEVED FROM:

PURPOSE- The purpose of the diary would be for promotional uses and to tell people from Schools to Banks and so on, to inform the audience of what they do.

CONTEXT- The diary cover design could only be used as a diary cover as stated in the brief but can also be used for marketing the charity, be used in an advertisement campaign or be used in posters in stores because which store doesn't have diaries (Kmart, Big W, Target, Office Works, Typo, etc)

CONSTRAINTS -The constraints would be the size, it's spiral bound, needs 3 millimeter bleed, must be colours in CMYK, must be 300 dpi, no more than 8 Mb, has to be culturally aware, no derogatory language or offensive, racist, sexist or discriminatory designs or imagery.



It was founded in 1970, it's Headquarters is in Boone, North Carolina, United States. The products that Samaritan's Purse offers are shown on their website as the product aren't items that we can use but for those in third world countries. The services that Samaritan's Purse adheres to are the International Disaster Relief, Domestic Disaster Relief, Operation Christmas Child, The Greatest Journey, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Food Security and Livelihoods, Health and Nutrition, Education and Vocational Training, People at Risk and Church Resources. The Website Links for the products:

International Relief Project

Domestic Disaster Relief Program video:

Operation Christmas Child Project
The Greatest Journey
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project

Food Security and Livelihood Video Link:

Health and Nutrition and Video link:
Education and Vocational Training
People at Risk Project: Providing all the essentials for those victims of Human Trafficking, Orphans and the Disabled

Church Resources Video Link:

AUDIENCE- Observe the target audience to understand trends and preferences. Samaritan's Purse, their target audience would be those of religious background, with time and money as well as in a religious community (Christianity)

PRODUCT investigate direct competition to the product or service, future trends, new materials, community attitudes. The Direct competition would be Amnesty International and WorldVision. The Products of Samaritan's Purse are those that 1st world countries have compared to 3rd world countries we have no use for them.


Don't forget to source where you got the information and images from! Domestic Disaster Relief Program video:

Explain what the information or images mean to you and how they effect the direction of your design. The Images and Videos I have chosen are those from the charity website focusing on what Samaritan's Purse Does, the reason that I have Decided on these images and videos are because of my views of helping people and I believe that the public should know about what they are doing and how they are affecting those that are in these situations. You can see in the videos and photos how the help that Samaritan's Purse provides the smiles on their faces, the joy from the simple tings that we either think that it;s normal or aren't appreciative of it at all.

Moon board

This journal cover design has helped me to design my concepts on whether to use patterns or not to demonstrate how the world is affected by Samaritan's Purse and their help.

This design is helping me think on the minimalism of journal covers while keeping it sweet and simple.

Its given me ideas of using the whole journal to create on image, but it might cause problems if the journal cover looked something similar to this as it would be on a binder so this cover would be ineffective.

The idea of a bird spreading its wings and a sign of freedom gives some insight into a concept design.

The cover shows a unique style while using different shades of yellow

This cover gives me some insight into what I could do such as colour scheme and design of the cover

The Owl in cover is sneaky as you can see it there but only half of it giving me some ideas to incorporate in my designs

Idea Generation


For the First Idea Concept I was planning on using the logo colours to create the mood, but also have the dove white with orange for the eyes. This design incorporates line as it is very intricate this is the problem because of this it would look too busy so the first idea concept isn't the one I'll be choosing as i believe it is too busy having so many images there i originally wanted to have a mixture of colours but then it occurred to me to just use the logo colours instead as it would give in more depth. this is because it is too busy and it seems crowded with everything going on in there.


This design concept is too busy like the first because there is too much going on but if I were to design this there would be too much colour and it would seem all jumbles and out of the place.


The third design concept I have designed is the one I have chosen as it is simplistic but i believe I can make people see what the non-profit is all about in this design. As I plan to incorporate all the flags of the countries that Samaritan's Purse has helped out and with the stripes colour them in the logo colours while having text Say what the causes they help such as hygiene, homelessness, water irrigation and other such acts that help struggling third world countries.


The Fourth design concept was very simplistic just have the logo with metal tips on the edges and everything else a Black or White


The last concept design would be too busy because of the tree and its roots with each root symbolizing a different type of activity or action Samaritan's Purse takes.

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