Sophia's Number The Stars Book Diary By: Sophia


I think that war is... endless violence. Full of bloody battles and injured people. People lose their loved ones and family. People who are brave and loyal to their country. They have sacrificed their time and people due to war. When I hear war, I know it isn't a happy topic for some people to talk about, so I know war isn't happy at all.

The people in the country would feel, scared. Everyday there would be a plane fly above them and you'd never know if it would drop a bomb. That's scary. They'd feel cornered. You're not supposed to be cornered in your home, its supposed to be homey. They feel that way, physically and emotionally. It would be nerve racking to feel that way, to not know if your country would win or lose. If they lost, you'd lose everything.


When I think of neighbors, I think of the people who are living the same as you. You both probably are the same, socially and economically. They know you, even if they haven't talked to you a lot. Even if they never talk to you, you know they're there.

If a war came to my neighborhood, I would respond by making a group together. No one feels safe if there's soldiers walking by your house, looking in. I would make a group in our neighborhood and protest against the government, demanding that there'd not be any soldiers at our neighborhood. I would do something to help. Neighbors feel the same way, unsafe. Especially for your family, you feel as if you need to protect them.

Number The Stars

My predictions for this book is that it would be about how cruel war would affect normal people's lives. The conflicts would probably be about the Jews and Nazis. The plot would probably be about how the Jews fight back against the other country. It must show how a family works together to help the country and themselves. They try to escape and resist the government and the war.

Literary Analysis

"It is important to be one of the crowd, always. Be one of many. Be sure that they never have a reason to remember your face." says Mama.

This means: It means that you should stay in the crowd and not do anything wrong that would make you stand out badly. You don't want to cause trouble to them to have a reason for them to remember you. If they remember you, it shouldn't be for something bad.

"'Well,' Annemarie said slowly, "now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews as well.'" pg 25

If Denmark was a bodyguard for the Jews, it would look as if they are defending them in war. It would be as if anyone in Denmark would die for the Jews. They would keep them safe and do anything for them. They would fight for them in the war, they wouldn't let them be taken away and jobless.

"'Hold still," Annemarie commanded. "This will hurt." She grabbed the little gold chain, yanked with all her strength, and broke it. As the door opened and light flooded into the bedroom, she crumpled it into her hand and closed her fingers tightly."

1. In the end of chapter 3 Annemarie wasn't sure if she'd die for the Jews after she'd remembered what Papa said. She wasn't sure if she'd die for them. She started to think it was all just imaginary. She thought she'd never be called upon to die for anyone. It made her feel better. It was only fairy tales, not real life Denmark.

2. Her feelings are different because she'd been desperate to save Ellen, she didn't even notice. She acted on feeling. She knew then that she would do anything to save Ellen and maybe the Jews.

3. The Star of David is like their relationship because it was imprinted on her through the entire conflict. It stayed with her and would stay with her. She saved the Star of David just like Ellen.


We just read... The soldiers are taking the Jews' jobs. Their friend, Mrs. Hirsch, got their store taken from them. Peter came and gave them gifts and told them about how the war was going. He informed Annemarie on why Mrs. Hirsch lost her job. Annemarie remembered that her best friend, Ellen, was Jewish and wondered if her father would be taken from his job. She also remembered when her father told her that he would die for the king, all of Denmark would die for the king. She remembered that she said she would die for him too. She isn't very sure now.

Therefore, I predict that... That Ellen's dad would lose his job, at the school, and the whole school would have to close. I remembered that her mom said if you lost your job, your friends would help you. She

We just read... Therefore I predict that the casket isn't a dead person, it is supplies for the escape. The people in the house aren't there for the funeral, they are Jews who are going to escape Denmark and go on the boat and travel to Sweden. Ellen's parents have been with them and they are going to go to Sweden. Uncle Henrik will bring them to Sweden at night because if they did it at night it would be suspicious.

We just read… Annemarie’s friend Ellen, went on a boat to Sweden with Annemarie’s uncle. Annemarie had to let her leave to Sweden. Her mom had helped them get to the boats at night, and when Annemarie woke up, she saw her sprawled on the ground with her ankle broken. Annemarie saw a paper meant for Uncle Henrik. Peter had told Mr. Rosen that it was important to give it to Uncle Henrik so Annemarie was surprised to see it there. She told her mom and her mom told her to get a picnic basket and put the packet on the bottom with bread and apples on the top. She told her that if a soldier had asked her why she was going to the fishermen, she was a clueless child that had their uncle forget his food at home. When she was walking down the path to get to the ocean, she was stopped by a soldier and their dogs.

I predict that the soldiers will ask her what she is doing, walking to the ocean in the morning, and she will say she was going to give her uncle his food. Then, the soldiers will try to look through her basket and she has to let them. They find the packet and open it but it is in code words so they can’t figure out what it says and they just think she was playing with them so they let her go.


Man vs. Man

Annemarie was arguing with the soldier about why he shouldn't go through her food for her uncle. She found the packet that was meat for her uncle, but it wasn't with him. She ran to give it to him, with a cover story that she was just a clueless little girl that was giving her uncle his lunch. She ran into four soldiers and two dogs, and they went through Annemarie's basket of food. They went through it and she was acting like a little kid so they'd go away soon. When they discovered the packet, they opened it. Inside was just a handkerchief, so they let her go on. Later she found out why it was so important.

Annemarie learned that if you're brave, no matter what, you'll do what you're supposed to do. She didn't feel brave, but she was. She learned that if you put on a fake smile and pretended you were someone you're not, you can get through soldiers.

I knew it was that type of conflict because Annemarie was arguing with the soldiers, by themselves. It was just them, one on one.

Man vs. Society

When Peter was killed, he was illdd in front of a lot of people. He was shot in a court. He was against the whole society because he was in The Resistance. He was against the whole society of German people.

Annemarie had learned that wars are very dangerous. It is dangerous to both sides and many people will get killed. She knew that he died for his side and was proud of it. She learned that the German were scary and that things would have to get sacrificed, even if it's sad.

I knew it was this type of conflict because it was just Peter, in a crowd of Germans. He was alone and he was the only person on his side. He was against all of the people watching, a whole society.

Man vs. Nature

Annemarie's mama was hurt. She'd hurt her ankle when she was running back from bringing the Jews onto the boat. Annemarie saw her sprawled on the ground. She told her that she was okay, that the doctor should come and help her. She staggered to the house and told Annemarie to help her. She had tripped on a root that was sticking up on the twisty pathway that led to the boats.

Annemarie learned that it was hard work to help people get places. She showed her strength by helping her mom get inside the house and volunteering to give the packet to Henrik instead of her mom. She found out that if you were set to something, you could do it, even if something get's in your way.

I knew it was that conflict because she tripped on the root in nature, not inside. She was outside for the whole time. It wasn't like she was arguing with someone or everyone. It was battling against the natural things that will get in your way.

Man vs. Self

Annemarie didn't know how to save Ellen's necklace. Soldiers came to Annemarie's house to see if there were any Jews there. When they checked their room, Ellen still had on her necklace that had the Star Of David on it. If the soldiers saw, they would know she was Jewish. Annemarie didn't know how to hide it but she grabbed it and hid it in her hand the whole time the soldiers were in her house. Later when she was asleep, she'd remembered when her father had said he would die for the king. She had said yes too, but she conflicted herself, wondering if she'd ever die for anyone. She didn't know the answer, but after sticking up for Ellen by holding the necklace, she knew now that she would die for the Jews.

Annemarie learned that she would truly die for her country or the Jews. She learned how to be brave and strong, even when you are scared.

I knew it was that type of conflict because after she told herself that she would die for the king, she didn't know if that was true. She didn't know if she'd ever have to die for someone, and Annemarie didn't know if she had the courage to do so. She asked herself, by arguing. Then after the soldiers came, she saw that she was holding the Star Of David, she could have easily gotten in big trouble. After knowing she did that, she knew she would die for the Jews.



"Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

This theme means to me, that you always stay loyal to your friends. They have made sacrifices to you and will stay with you no matter what. It means no one gets left alone or sad. The book expressed this theme because Annemarie was Ellen's friend, even when they could have been dead. They were brave and strong, when Ellen was in danger. Annemarie's parents safely rescued them, and they brought them to a safe place. They haven't forgotten how they saved them, even when they're older.

In the beginning, they were just two little giggly girls who had no idea of the dangers they were in. When Annemarie's parents took Ellen inside their house, in risk of being caught with a Jew, and they thought nothing of it. They didn't care if they could've gotten killed, they just cared if Ellen was safe.

At the end, they safely brought Ellen to Sweden, where she was safe. Later, when the war is over, Mama had kept the Rosen's house clean. Mama said "'That's what friends do.'" Annemarie had also told them that she would wear Ellen's necklace for her until she came home.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky & stocky

"She was a lanky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." pg. 1

Based on the sentence, it means that Annemarie and Ellen are different body types because it uses "unlike." It is comparing their bodies.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; other words: messy, cheesy, lucky.


"'Wait for me!" wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening." pg. 2

Based on the sentence, wailed means that someone is yelling or crying. Kirsti is yelling for someone to stay with them, which means they were leaving her and Kirsti is upset.

To give a cry of pain, grief, or anger.


"His Danish was very poor. Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt. Three years they've been in our country and they still can't speak our language." pg. 3

Based on these sentences, contempt means to be annoyed or angry. Annemarie is complaining and is frustrated that even the soldiers can't speak their language.

The feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration and is worthless.


"Stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message." pg. 4

Based on this sentence, I can tell that Kirsti is not going to stand still and listen to Annemarie. If Kirsti wasn't stubborn Annemarie wouldn't need to tell Kirsti to stand still.

Stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action, ignoring their attempts to do so.


"But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk, sometimes at night, about the news they received that day: news of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported." pg. 8

Based on this sentence, I can tell sabotage isn't good. It involves bombs and explosions. If it's secret, sabotage is bad. I can also tell that it is purposeful on people's lives.

To deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct something.


"Thinking of Lise, her solemn, lovely sister, always made her sad." pg. 13

Based on this sentence, solemn must be a characteristic trait. It means seriousness or being wise. It describes sadness and memorable feelings.

Not cheerful or smiling; serious. Very formal and dignified.


"She reached down for Kirsti's hand, but Kirsti, always stubborn, refused it and put her hands on her hips defiantly." pg. 4

Based on this sentence, I can tell that Kirsti is already stubborn and refusing. She must be mad to

To resist to someone’s orders


"It was so long a time since they had dared to use the strictly rationed electricity after dark that the light seemed startling to Annemarie, watching through the slightly opened bedroom door." pg. 43

Based on this sentence, I can tell that they never use the light because of the rationed electricity which means it might mean that you never use it.

A fixed amount officially allowed during a shortage


"Ellen stood on tiptoe again, and made an imperious gesture with her arm." pg. 39

Based on this sentence, Ellen is taller and trying to be stronger.

Assuming power or authority without justification


"Ellen and Annemarie both smiled tentatively." pg. 50

Based on this sentence, I can tell they both feel that way and they're unsure.

Not certain or fixed; provisional


"She looked down, and saw that she had imprinted the Star of David on her palm." pg. 49

Based on this sentence, she had pressed something on her palm which might mean she printed it.

A mark or outline on a surface or body.


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