Summer 2019 Filter Press The quarterly newsletter of the georgia section of the american chemical society

Voting for national ACS elections will be occurring soon.

Do you know what's on your ballot?

ACS 2019 National Election Ballot Information

President-Elect—will be elected by a vote of all members of the Society

  • H. N. Cheng
  • Carol A. Duane

District IV Director—will be elected by a vote of members of District IV, of which Georgia is a member

  • Rigoberto Hernandez
  • Lisa Houston

Item to approve changes to Constitution & Bylaws—must be approved by the members of the Society:

Over the many decades, the ACS governing documents developed some structural complications. At the Spring National meeting in Orlando in 2019, the ACS Council overwhelmingly approved the Petition to Streamline the ACS Governing Documents [Constitution Articles I-XIX, Bylaws I-XIV, and Standing Rules I-IX], which will reorganize the fundamental governing documents of the Society: the Constitution and Bylaws, and create a third document: Standing Rules. These three documents will function as a hierarchy. The Constitution should (and does now, this will not change) define the Society; the Bylaws should (and do now, this will not change) authorize portions of the Society to have certain official actions; and the Standing Rules should (and will) operationalize the units of the Society to perform their authorized functions—this is the new document.

The changes were overwhelmingly approved by ACS Council and the ACS Board of Directors. The Petition will become effective when the proposed changes to the Constitution are approved by the Membership of the Society. We recommend that all members vote in favor of this petition which represents the most substantive changes since 1948 to the governing documents.

The position of the executive committee of the Georgia Local Section is to approve the proposed change to the governing documents, which we believe will better allow the organization to respond to the needs of its members.

It's awards season!

Congratulations to Holly Davis, Georgia Section Treasurer, for being named an ACS Fellow at the 2019 Fall Meeting in San Diego. Holly was recognized for her continual work with the ACS and chemistry at large, including chairing the national Committee on Community Affairs and her long-standing work with her local section. Holly also received the local section's volunteer of the year award at the Herty Award Reception this month.
Congratulations to Dr. Lisa McElwee-White, professor at University of Florida, for receiving the 2019 Herty Medal Award. Dr. McElwee-White was recognized for her research in the deposition of inorganic nanostructures.
At the Herty Award Dinner, our own Dr. David Gottfried, local section Councilor and Chair of the Herty Award Committee, was presented with a Proclamation from the Atlanta City Council recognizing the International Year of the Periodic Table. The proclamation was presented to him in recognition of his long-standing work within the local section.


The Georgia Section of the ACS is soliciting nominations for the 2020 Charles Holmes Herty Medal, which is presented annually to recognize the work and service of an outstanding chemist from the southeastern region of the country. The award recipient will be honored by the Georgia Section of the ACS at the 86th Awards Banquet in Fall 2020 and awarded a gold medal designed to commemorate the work of Herty. Nominees may come from academic, government, or industrial settings and must have resided or worked in the southeastern region for more than 10 years. The deadline for submission of nominations for the 2020 award is December 15, 2019.

All new or renewed nominations must complete the online form at https://acsga.org/herty-nomination/ and follow subsequent submission instructions. Nominations are active for up to three years, but nominators are welcome to update materials, particularly the candidate's curriculum vitae, yearly.

The Georgia Section was nominated for fourteen ChemLuminaries this year, and of those, we took home six awards!

From the 2019 Past Chair, Ajay Mallia

In 2018 ACS-GA made a dramatic impact on it’s members by focusing on ACS strategic goals and core values. ACS-GA section held 60 different events that reached over fourteen thousand participants. Because of the incredible activities, the Georgia local section has been selected as a finalist for fourteen ChemLuminary Awards. Of those, we won six ChemLuminary awards!

The following are highlights of the 2018 year:

  • NCW reached 9422 attendees (292% increase over 2017) from 76 K-12 institutions (280% increase over 2017, 36 high schools, 15 middle schools and 25 kindergarten-elementary schools). NCW goodies, including celebrating chemistry giveaways, were given to 8517 students at chemistry demonstrations which we held at various colleges and universities (505 attendees), and one local science center (~400 attendees).
  • CCEW committee organized four different events (two high schools, one museum and one college) that had 960 participants attending (1400% increase over 2017). HS students submitted poems based on the CCEW theme.
  • Our monthly meetings (a total of 517 participants attended these 10 meetings) were designed to relate chemistry principles to the real world that our members encounter. We invited people who have started their own businesses, we included non-technical topics (interplay of chemistry and art), we learned about flavor chemistry and held a science café to attract the public. At one of our meetings, we collaborated with ACS international activities and invited the Franco-American Lectureship awardee, Dr. Pileni, from France. We also celebrated meetings honoring Charles Herty and Percy Julian. Events like Kennesaw Mountain Hike and Bond-B-Que were organized to increase attendance from younger generation chemists.
  • Herty Medal Undergraduate Research Symposium was organized to leverage the Herty Award to impact undergraduates and diversity. At HMURS, 46 undergraduates students from 12 institutions presented their work.
  • Georgia Research Symposium was held in conjunction with 50-60 year honoree award luncheon. We combined these to foster intergenerational communication and support for chemistry research in the Georgia section
  • Chemistry Olympiad had 875 students from 33 schools participate
  • WCC organized six events including STEAM Expo, Ladies Lunch and When Science Meets Scents
  • MAC organized 4 events: including STEM Panel Discussion on African-American Males in STEM: Superheroes or Endangered, networking and Percy Julian Awards
  • YCC organized two events: YCC career Panel, NCW themed science café
  • Collaborating with Georgia Gwinnett College student affiliates; the collaboration organized 18 different activities that had 2496 attendees participate. These activities included workshops, outreach at local schools and chemistry demonstrations.
  • The local section supported eight high school students in project SEED program. Five Georgia Section SEED Fellows attended the ACS National Meeting in Boston and presented their research. Section members also participated in Science Coaches program collaborating with five high school chemistry teachers to enhance high school students' science skills.

The following awards were earned by the Georgia Local Section at the 21st Annual ChemLuminary Awards

  • Outstanding Community Involvement in NCW
  • Best Overall Local Section Minority Affairs
  • Fostering Interactions between Local Sections and Student Chapters
  • Outstanding U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad
  • Outstanding or Creative Local Section Younger Chemists Committee Event
  • Outstanding High School Student Program Award

2019 Herty Medalist Undergraduate Research Symposium

In 2005 ACS-GA started Herty Medalist Undergraduate Research symposium (HMURS) to leverage the Herty Award to impact undergraduates and diversity. 14th HMURS was held at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) on September 20, 2019. The symposium was well attended by nearly 200 attendees. 76 undergraduate students from 19 institutions from across the southeast presented and defended their research at poster presentation section. The following researchers were presented with awards for their outstanding poster presentations:

First Place: “Innovative Gadolinium-Based MRI Contrast Agent with Chemokine Receptor 4 Binding Affinity, hProCA32.CXCR4, for Early Detection of Liver Metastasis” Jen Kong, Jenny Yang, Georgia State University, Atlanta.

Second Place: “Optimization of the expression and purification for protein-based MRI contrast agent” Ballanah Torbett, Oluwatosin, Ibhagui and Jenny Yang, Georgia State University

Third Place: “Investigating Ice Nucleating Particles and Microgels in the Wave Flume Mesocosm” Josephine Rudd, Rebecca Simpson; Kathryn Moore; Russell Perkins; Paul DeMott and Thomas Hill, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

2019 Chair, Cheryl Trusty
A cup with the chair...

Hello everyone! Welcome back from your summer vacations to the fall edition of ACS-GS Filter Press. I am Cheryl Trusty, 2019 Chair of the Georgia Section of ACS. Please join me for a cup while I share with you the exciting things that have been happening in our Section this summer.

First, our Section was chosen as finalists for fourteen (yes, 14!) ChemLuminary Awards. Of those, we won SIX! This total is a record for our Section.

The next exciting thing that happen is Holly Davis, our treasured treasurer was inducted into the 2019 class of ACS Fellows. This is an incredible honor for Holly and for our Section. Please congratulate Ms. Davis the next time you see her!

Our committees have been working hard to bring great events to our Section and to ensure we run at optimal efficiency. The Herty Banquet was a wonderful event and Dr. McElwee-White gave a excellent talk. HMURS was also a great success with almost double the posters from last year. Our webmaster, David Gottfried, completed the transition of our website. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please do! Here’s the link: acsga.org. Our Standing Rules Committee has made progress and we hope to have a working document in place soon. Our Government Affairs Committee is also busy behind the scenes, mainly getting IYPT proclamations from local governments, which was our goal for this year. Our programing chair, Jahari Soward, is also planning some fantastic events to end the year for us. The October meeting will be honoring our 50/60/70 year members and the Georgia Section Research Symposium. We will also be honoring Project SEED students and Chemistry Olympiad students for their incredible work this year at the October meeting. Jahari has an innovative meeting in the works for November! And of course our annual holiday party will be held in December. Thank you Jahari for your incredibly hard work this year!

If anyone has any comments or questions for me, you can contact me directly at ctrusty@acsga.org.

Congratulations to our Project SEED students who presented their research at the Fall meeting in San Diego! To learn more information about Project SEED, contact Ajay Mallia.

Opportunities exist for post-secondary institutions and businesses to support our students in gaining valuable laboratory experience.

Join us for our next meeting, the local section 50 - 60 - 70 year awards and the Georgia Research Symposium at Kennesaw State University on October 26th, 2019

  • 11:00-11:15 set up posters/registration
  • 11:15-12:30 poster presentation
  • 12:30-2:00 Luncheon
  • 2:00-3:30 Awards and recognitions

KSU Center 3333 Busbee Dr NW Kennesaw, GA 30144

Abstract submission deadline: October 18th at close of business

Join us on at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 30th at Manuel's Tavern for Periodic Table Trivia. Bring your friends and showcase your periodic table knowledge to take home prizes.

Are you a K12 teacher or do you know one? Receive FREE national chemistry week supplies by contacting our NCW coordinator, Dr. David Sherrill.

Oxford College at Emory is seeking a part-time adjunct lecturer for the spring 2020 term.

Thanks for reading! Inquiries or comments? Contact newsletter@acsga.org.


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