WWI Trench Warfare Survival Guide Nick LaFoe

("What was it like")


This is a good tool to have in a trench. A periscope allowed soldiers to look around up on the battlefield while being safe in their trench still. This tool has mirrors at each end to help look out the top.

Trench Tool


Trenching tool was a necessitate because it helped to make the actual trench's faster


The gas mask was very important not only in the trench's but on the battlefield as well because of the gases being produced by cannons and other weapons and also the other opponent.

Pocket surgical kit


This was very important on the field. This was useful because if one of your partners got shot you could fix them up. This could also help clean out weapons and clean them.


Steel Helmet

The steel helmet was a very good thing to have during the war. It was useful because it protected your head from explosions, dirt, rocks, and bullets.

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